I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


4. The pageant part two

Jayas  p.o.v

I get off stage. Niall was smiling. Liam whispered something to him an I was wondering what that was. My mum said I did great and we went back to the room. Luke was in the audience. Damn him. I'm gonna break up with him soon and no one can stop that. 

Last I have talent. I am doing gymnastics. I used to learn it all the time. I put my sparkly light green leotard on and a jacket to keep me warm while I wait. I put my hair in a tight bun and wrap a green ribbon around the hair tie keeping it together. 

After I do my routine I watch all the other contestants. Alicia was the best I think out of them all. She sang skinny love by birdy. I applauded after she finished. She walked off and over to me. 'you did great Alicia' 
'thanks you too' 

Niall's p.o.v

'and now for the crowning' we go up on stage. 'best dressed... Alicia Montgomery' she raises her hand.harry takes the crown and sash and puts the crown on her head and the sash over her dress. 'most beautiful... Marsha Stevens!' 

A few awards later its the last award. Something called grand supreme? I get to announce this. I open the card. I smile as I see the name 'jaya Coleman!' I announce. She smiles that beautiful smile f hers and raises her hand. I wal over and put the crown on her head and the sash over her shoulder. 'well done' I whisper to her. She looks at the ground. 

Jayas p.o.v

I won!!! After I get changed I go to meet Alicia outside. When she gets out we talk for a little while. My phone buzzes. 'look behind you' it reads. I look back. Niall! I turn back to alicia and say 'the curly haired one is yours' I walk up to him. 'hi' I say. 'hi. Congratulations. You were great' I smile. Alicia is next to me an the boys are behind Niall. 'um Alicia this is Niall Louis Liam Zayn and Harry' I introduce them to her. She smiles shyly. She's never shy. Omg she likes him a lot. Niall is blushing. 'why are you blushing?' I ask. 'he thinks your hot' Louis mumbles behind him but I think he meant for me to hear.'Louis! Shut the hell up!' Niall turns to him an slaps his shoulder.  I blush an laugh. 'nice joke Lou!' I say. 'no he really does think your hot' Louis nods. 'ok awkward conversation why don't you tell me to we're judging this competition?' I change the subject. 'we didn't think you were in it. So I thought it was stupid to say anything' niall shrugs. 'well tell me next time! That was embarassing!!' I slap his shoulder a little. The other boys have gone off and Harry is talking with Alicia. Someone's arms wrapped around my waist from behind. Luke. 'Luke get off!' I hiss. He stays. 'Luke! Piss off or I'll tell your parents your secret?' he almost kisses my cheek. 'how do you know my secret? Who told you I sold my mums car?' Luke was surprised. 'I didn't know. Thanks for telling me now get off you loser.' I elbow him in the chest. After e leaves Niall is pretty awkward. 'Niall you have no clue how much I hate that dick!' he laughs. 'whats so funny now?' I put a hand on my hip. 'I still don't get it your personality and the way you dress' 'I told you my personality when I'm with you boys and Alicia and my mums style when something formal is on like today.' I think I love him. 'be right back' I say and turn and walk to my  mum.

'mum I'll be home later. I'm going out with Alicia' I say and walk back to Niall. 'do you wanna go somewhere?' I ask Niall. 'yeah where?' 'I know some place. Come on!' I but my bottom lip and take his hand. I run behind the church and to a park.

Niall's p.o.v

A park. Cool. It was beautiful. Green trees everywhere. There was one giant tree near a playground. It looked good for climbing. 'do you want to climb a tree?' she asked. She read my mind. 'that one!' I point to it. 'you might rip your skirt' I say. She rolls her eyes. 'I'm much smarter than that' she takes her bag of her shoulder and takes out some black tights. 'come on' she pulls me over to the tree. 'turn around!' she orders and smiles. I turn around. 

Jayas p.o.v

I tell him to turn around so I can put the tights  on. I put the rights on under my skirt and then slide the skirt off and shove it in my bag. 'you can turn around now.' I say an he does. I take off my cardigan and put it in the bag and change my shoes to my red vans. I tie my hair into a pony tail. 'my mum would be hell mad if I came home and ripped some clothes' I say and walk to the trunk of the tree. I climb it and sit on a branch. 'are you coming?' I ask. He climbs up. 'jaya, you really are beautiful' he says and sits on the branch with me. I can feel my cheeks flushing red. I look in his eyes and see he is not joking. 'wait your not joking?' I ask. 'why would I? That's Lou's job' I giggle. 'your not so bad yourself' why'd I say that. Out loud?! I hear some cracking. What the hell is that? 'ahhhhh!' I scream as the branch falls. I land on top of Niall.  We start laughing. My face centimeters from his. I look at his lips then back to his eyes. We lean closer to each other and our lips almost touch. My phone buzzes. I take it out of my bag. 
From Luke: babe where are you? 
To Luke: out with alicia
From luke: no your not
To Luke: what you mean?
For Luke: look up
I look up and see Luke behind Niall a few Metres away. 'how'd you find us?' I ask pissed. Niall looks behind him. Then back to me and moves closer to me. 'I followed you' I roll my eyes. 'just like you isn't it Luke? Your a stalker' I get up and brush myself down then help Niall up. 'well I wouldn't have to if you stayed with me' 'Luke I'm allowed to have a social life.' I raise an eyebrow. 'you have nothing against me now I told my mum I sold her car.' he answers smartly. 'but I still have one more secret...' Niall is just by my side not saying anything. He shouldn't get in this. 'what's that?' he asks. 'that your gay! And I know because you have the smallest arms ever and you dress like one. And you don't act like a regular guy' I shoo him off. 'and if you didn't understand we're done!' I yell after him as he walks off. When he is far away enough Niall and I start laughing. 'where we're we?' I say. 'oh yeah' I hold his chin in my hands and kiss his lips. He has his hands on my hips and my arms around his neck. 'I better get back to my house. Bye' I peck his lips quickly and pick my bag up then leave. 
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