I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


8. Sweet sixteen

Jayas p.o.v

'jaya! Your late! Again! Your party starts in two hours!' my mum exclaims as I walk in the door. 'I know sorry mum I was with Niall' I walk up to my room. I am dreading my party. The only upside to it is I get to see Niall  an the boys again. I know I only saw Niall a few minutes ago but I really like him. He makes me feel happy. I get to dress like me a lot more now. I have the guts to say things to my mum that I didn't before. Oh and Danielle perrie and Elanor are coming too! I'm so excited.

I do my makeup and put on that horrible puffy dress. I mean I only have to wear it for two hours. Ilook out my window and see people everywhere. I look to the stage. 'hello everyone! Were one direction! And we love being here tonight to celebrate jayas 16th birthday!' liam says. I notice Niall looking up at my window smiling. I wave an blow a kiss. He pretends to catch it and puts it in his pocket. He turns back around and says 'well lets bring her down shall we?' My mum calls my name. That means I have to go. I open my door and struggle to get through. I pull one last time and get through. 

I walk up to the doors to the backyard where my mum is standing waiting for me. 'you look wonderful!' she claps her hands together. I open the doors and walk to the backyard. Everyone cheers and applauds. I look straight to the stage. They all have coloured suits on. Niall looks so handsome. 'oh oh ohwoah so put your hands up oh oh ohwoah coz it's a Stand up...' the boys sing. Niall looks over to me and winks. I feel myself blushing. 

A few songs later the boys have a break and the DJ takes over. A slow song comes on. Alicia wasn't here yet. Damn. 

Niall's p.o.v

A slow song comes on. I look over at jaya. 'go ask her to dance mate' Liam urges. 'and don't even say she won't say yes, you know she likes you' he adds as I turn back to him. 'alright hold this' I hand him my drink and start walking over to her. 

Jayas p.o.v

I look for the boys. I can wait to see Niall again. I've only talked to the other boys once. I know their places in the band though. Liam is the dad. Louis is the joker. Harry is the flirt. Zayn is the vain one. And Niall is the cute baby one. 

I see Niall over by the table with drinks an is talking to the other boys.   He turns and looks around. I spin so it doesn't look like I was looking at him. When I turn back he is walking towards me. I walk over to him. 'hey' I say biting my lower lip. 'hey babe' he takes my waist and pulls me closer to him. 'want to dance?' he asks. 'yes' I giggle. I put my arms around his neck and he puts his hands on my hips. 

'you did good Niall' someone says passing us. He chuckles. I look to my left to see who it was. I see Alicia inside gesturing for me to go over to her. She is holding a bag. 'uh Niall I'll see you later' I say and kiss his cheek. 'alright bye princess' he lets go of my hands and I speed walk to Alicia. 

'this is my birthday present to you. Go upstairs and get that mess off' she says. I laugh. 'thanks' I say an hug her. I walk upstairs and into my room. In the bag was a dress. Thank god I get to change. It was a strapless skin colored dress which was longer at the back and shorter at the front. The top was silver and had beads on it. I put it on and change my shoes to a dark blue heel. My hair was kept in curls pulled to one side. I felt so much better and the dress was so much more my style. I walk back to the doors. 'wow! Now that's a dress!' Alicia says. 'thanks for this' I say. 'go on! Niall was asking where you were' she starts pushing me out the door.

 'i was only gone 10 minutes' I laugh hugging Niall from behind. 'it felt like a lot longer than that!' he turns around and wraps his arms back around me. 'you look much better in that dress' he adds. 'why thank you' I laugh. 'hi boys!' I call over Niall's shoulder. 'hi jaya' they say in unison. Harry and Louis have smiles on their faces. They don't look innocent. Oh who am i kidding when did they ever look innocent! What were they talking about before I got back? Elanor perrie and Danielle showed up. Also the rest of the little mix girls. 'hi' I say. 'happy birthday' I kiss their cheeks. 'jaya you should go sing' perrie says. 'no! I can't!' I whine. 'well go with you' perrie says. 'you sing with me? Wait let me refraise that, me singing with the little mix girls?!' they laughs. 'come on!' they pulls me on stage. Oh no. 

Niall's p.o.v

SHe was going to sing with the little mix girls! She was going to sing!Alicia came over and was flirting with Harry. And whispering in his ear. The music starts playing and I can't believe it. How dare they! That's our song we sang. They were singing torn. I look at the boys and they were scolding at the girls. The girls quickly raise their eyebrows and lower them at us. 'boys!' we start walking to the stage. We take some mics and start singing. 'wings by little mix. Now' Zayn says. Oooohooo! This just got heated. The girls looked at us.

 'mummy told me not to waist my life, sh said spread your wings my little butterfly,don't let what they say keep you up at night, and if they give you shhh, then they can walk on by' the boys and I sing. 

'my feet, feet can't touch the ground and I cant hear a sound, But you just keep on running up your mouth yeah' 

Jade: Walk, walk on over there
'Cos I'm too fly to care, oh yeah' 

Jayas pov

We sing the whole song like a battle. Can't believe that actually happened. Everyone cheered as we finished. I think my mum left the party. I haven't seen her all night. I decide to text her. 'r u home?' she texts back. 'I'm in bed have fun with your friends. Night' all night to ourselves. Yay! 'the boys are going to pay for doing that' perrie whispers in my ear. 'yeah I know Niall is' I say. 'we better go see ya jaya. Happy birthday' jessy says. 'bye!' I say. 
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