I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


20. Revenge (time skip. Death)

Jayas pov

She walks back over and sits on my lap. 'I'm guessing you saw that' she says. 'yep!' we laugh. 'wanted to do that for a while?' Zayn asks. 'yep!' she says popping the p. 'was that rap written and learned or freestyle?' Liam asks. 'free style. It's a rule nothing can be learned' I say. 'you were amazing!' 'thanks.' I sit back down next to Niall and put my hand on his leg. I moved it up slowly and I felt him shiver. I smiled. His arms were around me and every time I got a bit closer he would squeeze me tighter. I put one arm around his waist at the back and one on his stomach. I moved my hand down and started rubbing him. He kissed my hair. 'I'm going to cum' he whispered in my ear. 'good' I replied. 'not now! Please! At home. At home!' he begs. I don't stop. He pulls me on his lap. 'you think that's gonna stop me?' I whisper. I start moving in his lap but keeping my upper half still so the others wouldn't notice. And I moved my hand to behind my butt and squeezed him. His mouth was right next to my ear and he let out a slight groan.

 'I'm getting tired so I'm going to go back to the house. You guys going to come?' I say. 'please don't say come!' Niall whispers. 'this place is pretty cool. I think we will stay for a bit longer. You take the car and we will get a taxi' Liam says. 'alright. Bye guys' I say and get off of Niall's lap. 'oh thank heavens!' I hear him whisper. 

We get into the car. 'your so lucky I held it!' Niall says. 'well your just so easily turned on.' I begin. 'but revenge isn't over yet.' I say. 'oh shit! Well at least no body is home' I look at him. He was still biting his lip. Still into it. I placed my hand back on him and ran it up his shirt and down his abs. I unzipped his jeans and I was still looking at his face. He cringed. 'I can't believe your sixteen and you do this to me' I laugh. 

We soon pull up to Niall's place and we lock the car and Niall holds his pants up while we get inside. When we get in I lock the front door and Niall turns the lights on. I walk over to him. 'you cannot make me cum in public places!' Niall says. 'but I almost did and I would've kept going if the boys weren't there. And now that they aren't with us' he puts his hands in my back pockets and his pants fall down. I giggle. 'lovely' I say. I kick the pants into Niall's room and then push him on the couch. 'you are one evil girl' 'I know that!' I sit on him with my legs on either side of his waist. I know this turns him on. He's so easy. We start making out and he slides my jacket off. 'I'm in my underwear and t-shirt so you need to be too' he says. I giggle and he unzips my shorts then slides them off. 'happy now?' I ask. 'no not yet' he answers. I start sliding off my shirt. 'actually come in the bedroom in about 30 seconds' I start walking to the bedroom with my clothes in my hand. I drop them by my suitcase. I slide my shirt off and put it down to. Niall comes in the room and I press my body against his. 'revenge almost complete' I whisper. He lays down on the bed and I sit on his waist. I slide his shirt up and he throws it off. 'candy man,candy man, sweet, sugar, candy man' I sing. He moans. 'ugh. That was so sexy!' I giggle. I slide down and I felt him go harder. 

While we are kissing he starts to unclip my bra. And the rest happens.

*A few Months later*

'I'm looking at places to stay at' I tell Niall. 'why?' I turn and look at him. 'well maybe because we aren't dating anymore and it's awkward seeing you here when I have Justin over' 

Nialls pov

'I dong get why you are dating him anyway! He was one of my friends then you started dating him. You didn't like him when I met you' I say. I still love jaya. I made a big mistake. I kissed another girl. It was an accident I thought that girl was jaya. It was dark and she looked like her from behind. Now she is dating Justin beiber. I love her. 'he's nice Niall and he won't go kissing other girls like my last boyfriend' I just walk out of the room. 'yo jaya Justin's here!' I yell to her. She comes running out. 'hi babe!' she says and jumps on him and they kiss passionately. 'hello?!' I say. Keep off of my girl! But she isn't my girl any more. They break away. 'I found an apartment babe' she says and they walk back to the couch. 'cool where is it?' they sit on the couch and she says. 'around the corner from you' they smile. 

He starts tickling her. And she giggles that adorable laugh of hers. When they kiss I decide to leave. 'see ya! Don't go to far! Your still kids!' I yell back. 'you two did it!' Justin says. 'yep coz we were actually in love. She's just using you to make me jealous. And FYI jaya it's working.' I walk out and go for a drive. 

Jayas p.o.v

I've only been dating Justin for a few weeks. And Niall's jealous? Well he shouldn't have kissed that girl.  'he didn't kiss that girl babe' Justin says. 'you weren't there you didn't see their lips were touching and to me that's kissing' 

'no. I mean Niall wouldn't do that to you. He really does love you. I think his story was true' I roll my eyes. 'jaya I know you still love him. You should talk to him' 

'alright. What ever. Does this mean we aren't together anymore?' he nods. We hug and he leaves. I go to the park. I didn't feel like talking to Niall just yet. I've had two relationships in 4 months. I see Niall walking towards me. 'jaya?' I look bak up. 'hi Niall' I say. 'did you kiss that girl?' I ask. 'no. I thought she was you. And it was dark. I should've looked at her face' 

'it's fine Niall' I get a call. 'hello?' I ask. 'hi is this jaya moreiati?' 'yes' 'your dad is in hospital and he is about to die from cancer so would you like to come say goodbye?' 'um y-yes' I stutter ad hang up. 'I gotta go Niall. My dads in hospital' 'I'll drive you' 

We arrive at the hospital and I immediately start crying. 'dad why didn't you tell me you were dying?' I asked. 'I didn't want to worry you' I drop by his side on my knees. His heart rate drops. 'dad don't go please, pleaded' I start crying. Niall wraps hi arms around my waist and hugs me. 'I'm not going to leave you alone. You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy. When skies are grey. You never know dear. How much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away' we sing together. 'your mother. She loves you. I love you baby girl. Look after my baby girl Niall. I trust you with her heart.' 'no dad. Dad?' his heart stops an his grip loosens on my hand. The nurses come in and take him away. I Cry into Niall's chest and we were kneeling on the floor. 

He strokes my hair to try and comfort me. 'shhhh' he says. 'he was the only one who understood me. Cared about me' I mumbles. 'I care about you' he doesnt. I know that. 'no you don't! If you did you wouldn't have kissed that girl' i get up and kiss my dads forehead. 'I love you dad' i run outside to the train. I look back and see Niall runnin after me. I get on and te doors close before he could get on.
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