I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


19. Rap battle *contains sexual scenes*

'but Niall. Ugh! Fine' he smiles. 'why am I persuaded so easily?!' I curse. I push him down and sit on his waist. 'that routine was really sexy' he says. 'I told you' I giggle and lean down and kiss him. 'you get turned on really easily babe' I laugh. 'coz your so hot' he says. 'well I'm going to get ready for tonight. We have to leave soon to get there on time' I say and walk to my suitcase. 'or...' he turns me around and puts his hands in my back pockets. 'Harry!!' I yell. He comes running in the door. 'stop teaching Niall these things. It's really creepy how he acts so much like you when he's turned on' I say and Harry chuckles then Leaves the room and closes the door. 'good luck!' I hear him yell. 

'Niall' I say and wrap my arms around his neck. I press my body against his. We had short passionate kisses. 'ok now we have to get ready.' I say and push him back. I got my dark denim booty shorts and tight fluorescent yellow tank top. 'babe. Your gonna watch me change aren't you?' he nods. 'yup Harry alright.' I mumble. I put on my shorts. 'please do not get turned on by this. It is scary when you are' I take off my shirt and put the tank top on. I bend down to my suit case again. 'your turned on aren't you?' I ask knowing my butt is hanging out of my shorts. 'yes I am' I laugh and pull out a looser camouflage strap top and put that over the yellow one. 

'you can stop staring at my ass now' I say and put my brown leather jacket on. I turn around and niall is biting his bottom lip. Hehe. I love when a perfect time to tease Niall comes up. I walk over to him and wrap my arms over his chest from behind. Yep and there are the shivers down his spine.

Niall's p.o.v

I was trying to hide it but she noticed. Her hands were running up and down my chest and I felt small quick kisses under my ear. She moved and sat on my lap. We kisses passionately. I put my hands in her back pockets then ran them up causing her shirt to come up. I went to un click her bra but she pulled away. 'get ready.' she says. 'tease' I laugh. 

'I live for that' and with that she walks out the bedroom.

Jayas p.o.v

The other boys were ready when I walked out. 'don't stare at my ass. You have girlfriends' I say and sit on the couch. Niall soon walks out. 'ok let's go' I say.

'where are we going?' Liam asks. Louis was driving since I wasn't old enough to drive. An I had the navigator set so it would tell him where to go. 'you'll see.' I say. Louis and liam were in the front and zayn and harry were in the to seats in front of us. Niall and i were in the very back seat an it was pretty dark back here since it was night time. 

 I was holding one of his hands playing with his fingers. His other hand was on my knee, slowly moving up. I expected him to stop moving it up when he got mid thigh but he kept going. I looked at him. 'what the hell are you doing?' I whispered to him. 'getting revenge from before' he whispered back. 'and what are you going to do? We're in a car' his hand goes up my shorts. 'Niall!' I hiss. He started pulling at my panties. Oh god. I drop his hand I was playing with and try taking has hand away from my shorts. It failed. he started rubbing me. I was trying to hold back a moan. Please don't go further. He was starting to.

No one could see us even though Harry and Zayn were right in front of us. I unzipped my shorts quietly and took his hand away from me. I zipped them back up and Niall was not going to win this.  'I wouldn't have done that if I were you' I whisper moving my hand up his knee and to his thingy. I sit on him with my knees on either side of his waist still rubbing him. He whimpers. 'ok you win' he says. I heard the weakness in his voice. I kept going. 'please princess you going to make me have to change my pants' he begs. 'I'll finish you later' I whisper into his ear.

'we're here!' I announce. 'it's a club' Louis says. We get out of the car and I take Niall's hand. 'it's not just any club.' I state and we walk in. 'woah it's huge! There's so many people. Won't we get swarmed?' Zayn asks. 'Na you won't. The people here don't even know who you are' I state. 'this is where rappers come and compete in a series of rounds of battle to get to the final and win a record deal.' I say looking up at the stage. 'what do you do in the battle?' Harry asks. 'well you uh have like a set day to come and you basically pay that person you are battling out and whoever is the best wins and goes to the final' i say 'do they do groups?' Liam asks. 'no and they're amateurs only'   

'woohoo! Now let's get down to it hey? Competing tonight is Chris Coleman! And jaya moreiati!' the announcer says. 'wait your competing?' Niall asks. 'yeah. I got to go' I run up on stage and take the mic. 'booooo!' they say as I step on stage. I roll my eyes and shake it off. Then Chris walks on and they cheer. Chris was the champion last year. I'm not scared of him. Sure he bullied me last year but now I don't give a shit. 

He gestures for me to start. 'yo check this out. Just coz I'm a girl, don't mean I can't rap. By doing this battle you stepped into my bear trap. You bullied, you teased, you tormented me. I've got one thing to tell you and that's to dump your head in pee!' there was a lot of ooo's. 'not nice now is it? You see when I win this battle, I've got better things to do, than sit and play scrabble with my old grandma lue.'

People cheered for me. It was nice going to battle against him. he was always dumping my head in toilets and stuff and now I'm getting revenge. When he finished saying his shit I was up. 'oh now waiter,  two shots of tequila please, im bout to win thus shit, now chis im sorry, these two aren't for you, you homeless drug addict' I saw it on his face. He was defeated. Because I could sing and rap I used both to win. He ran off the stage and I won. 'winner! Jaya moreiati!' the announcer said. He raised my hand and I then ran back down to niall an the boys. 

'that felt good!' I said. 'he bullied you?' Niall asks. 'yeah. Im fine now.' we sit around in a booth. I wrap my arms around Niall and he does to me. Chris comes over to the booth. 'hi jaya. Look I just wanted to say I completely regret last year and I'm sorry' he didn't mean it. 'and I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date tomorrow or something' I look at Niall. 'I'll be right back' I whisper to him. 'yeah I'll talk to you' I say and get out of the booth. We walk by the stage. He sees some cute girls next to us and starts talking to them as well. He takes my waist and his hands start sliding down to my butt. I smile at him. 'you like that hey?' he asks. 'yeah I do.' I say. He presses. His body against me and I feel him hard. 'chris you didn't let me finish. I like it from my boyfriend. So back the hell off' I warn. 'I know you like it babe. I can give you much more than what your boyfriend can' I smile at him. 'you know what?' he smiles cheekily bak at me. I grab his crotch and do the same thing I did with Harry but harder. He groans. 'owe!' he manages to say. 'I said back the hell off. And I've waited so Long to do that'

Niall's p.o.v

I watch them. His hands slide down to her ass. That's mine to touch. She smiled at him. Omg! She liked it. He pressed his body against hers. I started to get angry. I was going to run up to them and punch him in the face. Thy both are smiling. Then jaya... Ah that's ma girl! He walks away from her holding his crotch. The boys and I start laughingr
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