I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


5. Party!!

*two days later*

After I got the text from Niall about the party I chose what to wear. I had to buy it. Alicia and I went to the mall. 
I bought short  denim shorts a cherry red mid rise top a pair of black high tops and a brown leather jacket. 

The party was tonight and he was going to pick me up. I have felt so good lately not dating Luke. I really like Niall.

*three hours later*

I start getting dressed. I have to change in the car into the clothes I bought. I put on a pale pink dress and white heels. I straighten my hair and put it in a ponytail. 

'mum. I'm going to Alicia's for a few hours' I say. 'at this time of night?!' 'yeah. She needs help with her party dress' 'alright' I walk down the stairs and get my bag from the closet. 'Melissa if I'm not home by 12 cover for me? Please!' I beg. 'alright. The things I do for you' I laugh. 'thanks.' I hug her then go out the door and run down the driveway to Niall's car. 'hi Niall I'm not wearing this... I have to get changed. Don't look in the mirror' I warn and get into the back seat. 'hi babe' babe? Alright. I like it. I unzip my dress and put the shirt on before I slip the dress off. Once the dress Is off I put everything else on. 

I climb into the front seat with Niall. 'woah. That looks awesome!' he says looking at me. After a few seconds of looking 'look a the road!' I push his face to the road and laugh. 

'Alicia is going to be there... With Harry' I smile as he says that. 

'it's at a warehouse?' I ask. This is cool. There's broken windows everywhere and spider webs. It looked old. Broken down. 'yeah! Cool hey?' we stand outside the car looking at it. Music was blasting and people getting drunk and people making out. 'cool? This is the party I've ever been to!I am so sick of classic party's' he chuckles. 'who's party is this any ways?' we start walking towards the warehouse. 'a mates. His parents are out of town' so this is what real boys are like. Crazy. Niall takes my hand in his. I look at our hands together then back to Niall. Our eyes meet and we smile. 

In the ware house Niall does like a little bro shake thing with some boys and introduces me to them. Then we see the other boys, Alicia and three other girls holding hands with Louis Zayn and Liam. Probably their girlfriends. 

'mate! Hi jaya! You ask her yet?' Liam asks Niall. Niall shakes his head. 'ask me what?' Alicia smiles. 'nothing' Niall covers up. 'uh jaya this is Elanor, she's with Lou,  perrie, she's with Zayn and Danielle, with Liam.' Harry says. 'hi nice to meet you' I say. 'you too' the girls agree. A Dude comes over and whispers something in Niall's ear. 'babe, be right back' Niall says and kisses my cheek. 'boys, come on' the boys kiss their girlfriends and then go with Niall. 

'do you know where they're going?' I ask the other girls. 'probably just to sing, they're famous' Elanor says. 'it's kinda like anyone can go up and sing if they want' perrie adds. 

'jaya! You should rap!'alicia says. 'Alicia no!' I shake my head. 'you can rap?' danielle asks. 'not really' 'oh god jaya! Yes she can rap and sing... And she is awesome too' Alicia pushes. 'gee thanks Alicia' I say sarcastically. She smiles. 'go up! Rap! Sing! Go!' they push me over to the stage. I groan and step up. I see Niall an the boys over by some table with a few other boys and some really drunk girl. 

I walk to the DJ and tell him a song. 'never say never Justin beiber' I say. He nods and slowly switches the music. I take the mic off of the dude. I start the rap. Niall looks at me. Shit this is the second most embarrassing thing ever. I watch Niall not moving my eyes of him. I can't. He starts walking to the girls. He asks Alicia something and points to me. She nods. 'loosen up!' I manage to see Alicia mouth to me in the darkness. I take a Deap breath and Pretend I'm on'my own. 'yeah yeah put your hands up put your hands up! I never thought that I could walk through fire. I never thought that I could take the burn...' 

After the song I get off and walk to everyone else. Niall was smiling widely. 'what Niall?' I wrap my arms around Niall's neck. 'you are amazing.' he says and leans closer for a kiss. I peck his lips. 'Zayn the little mix girls are here' perrie says. 'little mix?' I ask. 'perries band' Niall informs me.

'you sing?' I ask. 'yeah shes awesome!' Zayn says. 'do you two sing aswell?' I ask. 'no I'm a dancer and Eleanor's a model' Danielle says. 'nice!' 

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