I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


6. Party!! Part two

Niall's  pov

Zayn and perrie are over with the other little mix girls. I'm going to take this opportunity to ask her. 'jaya...' she turns to me. 'um...' sirens blast. 'police!' someone screams. I take jayas hand and run with her outside into the forest that surrounds it. Once we are far enough away we stand and wait for the others. I text them. 'in the Forrest come quickly police' I sent it to all of them. 

'we heard the sirens mate' Liam says as he and all the others run up to us. 'dude! That was mental down there. Just scraped past. They have dogs and everything!' Zayn says. I laugh. 

Jayas pov

'hey does anyone have the time?' Elanor asks. 'it about 11' Zayn says. 'shit' I mutter. 'Niall I have to go. Mums going to kill me' I say turning to him. I kiss his cheek. 'bye guys!' I say as I start walking away. 'wait I'll drive you' Niall calls running up to me. I smile. We had to sneak to the car. Dogs were everywhere. 'wait uh do you guys wanna come to my house?' I call back. Stuff my mum. Im almost sixteen. 'yeah.' Alicia says an looks at Harry. 'yeah... What's the address?' Louis asks. 'here' I hand them a piece of paper. 'we will meet you there' 

*Back at my house*

'Niall, this is my mum, and mum this is Niall.'we held hands. My mum didn't look like she liked him. 'and harry louis liam zayn and their girlfriends elanor perrie and danielle' i say pointing to each of them. 'where's Luke?' she asks. 'I broke up with him. I never liked him mum' she just nods. 'I was wondering when you would stand up to me! What a lovely day!' she skips off. 'did your mum just skip off?' Alicia asks. 'I guess so?' we were all confused. 

'your house is so cool jaya' Elanor says. 'thanks! Alicia is next door in the other mansion' I say and start walking up the staircase to my room still holding Niall's hand

. 'which room?' I ask. 'how many rooms do you have to yourself?' Zayn asks. 'about six? I think' I turn to them. 'what are the rooms for?' Niall asks. 'chilling out, music, bedroom, makeup room, pageant room and there's a room for all of random stuff to do with me and no one ever goes in there but me and Alicia.' I point to the rooms as we pass them. 'even though my mum makes me do things like pageants she lets me have the money I win to makeover these rooms' Niall is looking at me. 'how about we check out this room then?' he says and opens the door to the room only me and Alicia go in. 

Nialls pov

'this is really cool!' there was all this stuff to do with these rock bands and usher and p!nk and Jason derulo. 'I take it you don't like Justin beiber like most girls.' Liam says. She wals over to a door and opens it. She shakes her head as we see a picture of him an a mustache, beard and glasses with a cross over him. 'that's mean! He's my idol!' Niall whines. 'hey I was being nice. I drew a beard and mustache on him since he can't grow one!' I laugh. 

The boys and Elanor perrie and danielle have worried looks on their faces. 'you shouldn't have said that. He is really obsessed' dani explains. 'an what ya gonna do Niall?' I tease. 'just you wait' he says with a smile on his lips. 'I'm do scared!'i say sarcastically. 

*An hour later*

'we better go. Bye jaya' Elanor says. 'bye!' I call after them. Niall is still here. 'No one insults the beibs in front of a belieber ever!!' I was sitting on the carpet with my back against the couch. Niall next to me. 'but I did!' I do a zig zag snap thing and roll my head. 

He stands up and starts walking back and forth across the room stroking a fake beard. 'for your debt you are going to have to be my girlfriend' he turns to me and raises his right eyebrow. 

'and what if I say no?' I stand up and walk closer to him. Very close actually. Our faces were only a centimeter apart. His minty breath touching my skin. 'then you will have to... I don't know?That was the only thing I have.  Just please be my girlfriend!' I laugh and lean up and touch my lips against his. 'yes' I say. A smile grows on his face and he leans in to kiss me another time when Melissa walks in. 'oh hi Melissa.' I say. 'sorry to interrupt but Luke's here' I look at Niall. 'I'll be right there tell him to piss off.' she laughs an closes te door behind her. 'I'll sort this out.' I say and start to leave. 

'can you come to my house tomorrow?' he pulls me back. 'uh sure.' I smile. 'bye babe' he says. I walk downstairs and Luke's there and he isn't happy. 

'what do you want Luke. We're over' I say clearly annoyed. 'are you drunk?  An you've been smoking?' it was really strong. He stumbled and a packet fell out of his pocket. I picked  it up. 'cocaine?!' I yell. 'Luke get out!' I push him out and Hand him the drugs. 

Niall's p.o.v

It was about one in the morning. I was about to leave when I heard jaya talking to someone. It was luke. The door closed and I walked down. 'I better leave now princess' I say and kiss her cheek. 'um Niall,  why don't you stay tonight? It's already one.' she wraps her arms around my neck and I put mine around her waist. It was dark since the lights were off but I could see she really wants me to stay. 'id love to. The boys would be busy with the girls anyway' I wink. 

Jayas p.o.v

I giggle. 'Alicia is much smarter than that.' I say. 'but then again she's with Harry!' Niall says and we laugh quietly. I yawn. 'I'm tired. Let's go to sleep' we stand there for a few seconds just looking at each other. I take his hand and turn around then start walking upstairs. 'did you want anything to sleep in?' I ask. 'my brother might have something.' I add. 'you have a brother?' I nod. I walk into my brothers room and pick out some clothes for Niall to sleep in. I hand them to him. 

After I change I walk back Into my bedroom. Niall is laying on the bed. I lay next to him in his arms. 'thank you Niall' I say turning my head to him he looks at me. 'for being here. Being with me. Life has been so much better the past few days, you have no clue' he laughs that wonderful laugh. 'it's easy when you love someone' he replies. I smile. 'I love you too' I fall asleep. 
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