I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


9. Mini party

Jayas p.o.v

A few hours later everyone cleared from the backyard. It was just Niall, me, Alicia and Harry. 'I'm going to go home now. Bye' Alicia says pulling Harry along. 'why'd you ambush us on stage?' I ask. 'you stole torn' we were sitting on the couch swing. His arm around me and I was leaning on his shoulder. 'I'm sure you boys didn't write torn' I say standing up. 'and last time I checked you didn't even sing wings' smart. I sit on him with my legs on either side of his waist. 'oh jeez. Your sixteen now' I giggle. 'which means I'm much more capable of things now' I wrap my arms around his neck and lean down to kiss him. 'wait I forgot to give you your present' he says. He reaches into his pocket. 'just kidding!' he laughs. 'come with me'

He leads me up to my room. 'what are we doing here?' I ask. 'put these on' he goes into my closet and pulls out sweats and my tank top and ugg boots. 'turn around' I motion for him at the same time. He does so and I slip them on. 'why do I have these on?' I ask. He doesn't answer but leads me to the room where I hang out with my friends. He opens the door and the boys, Alicia, and dani perrie and Elanor are there. 'you said you wanted a party in sweats with friends and pizza didn't you?' Alicia says. 'well here it is!' Liam says. 'who did this?' I ask. 'your mum. I do listen to you' I turn around and see my mum in the doorway. 'I love you mum' I say an hug her. 'good night love I'll see you in the morning' she says and leaves.

Niall gave me a bite of his pizza. Everyone gasped. 'what?' i ask. 'he voluntarily shared food with you. Wait no. He shared food with you' Louis says. 'and?' 'and he never does that!' 'he must like you girl!' I laugh.

After we ate the pizza, I layed my head on Niall's shoulder. 'I barely know anything about you babe.' niall says. 'I'm a mystery. You'll find out more about me later' I say. 'jaya!' I hear someone call. It's familiar. 'no it can't be! He's in the military. I shoot up. 'I'll be right back' I say and run out the door.

'mike what are you doing here? You're meant to be at the base!' I exclaim hugging him tightly. 'I wanted to surprise you for your birthday. I wouldn't miss today for the world' I smile. 'mike come upstairs I want you to meet my friends' I pull him upstairs an into the hanging out room. 'guys this is mike my brother' Alicia jumps up from the couch. 'mike! How are you!?' she hugs him. 'you have grown so much Alicia!' mike hasn't web home for 5 years. 'mike this is Elanor Louis Harry Liam Danielle Zayn perrie and Niall' I go over to Niall and wrap my arms around him. 'nice to meet you mate!' they all say. 'so your all dating?' he asks. 'yeah basically what you see are the couples' Alicia says. We were all hugging or something.

Nialls p.o.v

Mike scolded at me. I'm guessing he hated me. 'wait no more like?' he asks. 'yep!' she giggles. 'yes! I hate that bastard!' he first pumps. Oh funny. 'I'm going to go to bed. Bye sis' mike says and hugs jaya. He opens his eyes and stares evilly at me. The others soon leave to go to their own houses.

I sit on the couch with jaya. 'I don't think he likes me' I say looking at her beautiful eyes. 'I'm sure he does. Maybe just play a video game with him or something.' 'alright babe I better get home.' I say realizing its way to late. 'alright.'

Jayas p.o.v

I really didn't want him to leave. I stood up with him clinging to his arm. Even though I said alright I really wanted him to stay. I felt safe when he was here. And the warmth of his body when I was with him. 'Niall, I don't want you to leave' I say sweetly as we get to the front door. 'babe I would stay but I have a management meeting early in the morning' he takes my hands. 'but' I lean up an kiss him. 'what about now?' I ask biting my bottom lip.

Niall's pov

Ugh! I can't turn her down now. I groan and throw my head back. 'you are so hard to resist princess' I say and pick her up and spin her around. 'that's what I was going for' she giggles. 'I practice that' she adds. 'on who?' I knew she meant luke. 'I know what your thinking. I didn't even kiss Luke on the cheek. He hardly ever touched me. I wouldn't let him touch my shoulder Niall.' I walk up the stairs. 'then who'd you practice kissing on?' I raise an eyebrow. She probably has had so many boyfriends. I mean she's so beautiful and kind everyone loves her. We get into her room and we lay on the bed.

Jayas pov

'actually your the first boy I have actually kissed' I mumble. I hope he didn't hear. 'really? Well I'm honored to be the one to take the first kiss' he says turning on his side to face me I do the same propping myself up on my elbow. 'now about that present,' Niall starts I throw my head back. He gets up and walks out the room and comes back a few minutes with a little box. 'here' he hands it to me. I smile and open it.
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