I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


18. Me rap on your album?

Jayas p.o.v

I purposely got dressed while Niall was about to wake up. Plan A to get him to loose the bet. I strip down and start putting my shirt on. 'princess?' Niall says groggily wiping his eyes. 

I walk over to Niall and peck his cheek. 'morning babe' I say back. 'I'm going to take you and the boys somewhere tonight. Just a heads up' 

'where?' he sits up and pulls me onto his lap. 'party. But that's all I'm going to tell you so don't ask.' just then my phone rings. I pick it up. 

'hello?' I ask. Niall lays me on my back and climbs on top of me. 'hi honey...' I roll my eyes and was about to hang up. 'wait before you hang up I wanted to tell you that your dad wants to meet up with you mike and Sam' Niall starts kissing at my neck and slowly moves his lips down down. 'what evs' I hang up and drop my phone next to me. 'no no no' I put a finger under his chin and bring his head back up to mine. his hands were around my waist an slowly started bringing my shirt up. 

Even though I was trying to get him to loose the bet. Not right now. 'not gonna happen big boy' I say and roll on top of him. I get off the bed and walk back to my suitcase. 

'who was on the phone?' Niall asks. 'my mother. I need to meet up with my dad' I always used to sneak out of the mansion to go meet up with him. My mum didn't know where he had gone but I did. I was a smart kid and when he was around he always said that if he and mum ever split up he'd be just around the corner. I found out the house he stayed in and ran there when I wanted to see him. 

'you never tap about your dad. What happened with him?' I pull out like green skinny jeans and put them on. 'uh well when I was a kid my dad just left. We didn't know where he went but I found out he was just around the corner from my house so I used to go there all the time. Mum never knew.' I pick up the white lace shirt I was about to pull on before Niall woke up and slipped that over my head. 'are you going to call him?' I nod. I haven't seen him for a few months. We just haven had the time and Alicia and I were always together. 'Niall if I go can you please come with me? I don't want to be there with Sam and mike' 

He stands up off the bed and wraps his arms around my waist. 'sure I'd love to' he kisses my cheek. Nice I think this bet is too easy for him. I'm not making it hard enough. I bite my bottom lip and then walk to my phone. 

'hi dad' I say. 
'hey baby girl' I smiled as he said that. 
'mum said you needed to talk to me' 
'oh yeah. Do you want to go out for tea later today?' 
'yeah sure. How about 1:00?' 
'sounds good. I'll tell mike and Sam. Bye baby girl' 
'bye daddy'

I lay down on the bed and give a cheeky smile to niall. He was standing with his legs crossed over and he was biting his bottom lip. Alright so this is working ay. since he wasn't moving at all I walk to him slowly still biting my lip and wrap my arms around his neck.

Niall's p.o.v

I'm pretty sure I was hard. Do not kiss her Niall! You made a bet and if you give in Louis will never forget it. I pick her up spin her around. I set her down and kiss her with a lot of passion. She wrapped her arms around my neck ad I put my hands on her hips. Our body's were stuck together. I realized I couldn't live with out her. 'ok get ready Niall.' she says. I dip her and peck her lips on last time before bringing her back up and then pulling some jeans and a t shirt out of the drawers. 

Jaya's pov

I walk out and the boys are on the couch. 'Niall lost FYI.' I say. 'wait he kissed you!?' Louis asks. I nod. 'I heard the bet through the door and made it really hard for him if you know what I mean and he kissed me. Your welcome' I high five Louis and Niall walks out. 'um tonight we have this special party thing that jaya is taking us to' he says. 

'that's all you are allowed to know' I add. 'cool!'

*A few hours later*

I see my dad sitting at a table outside the cafe with Sam and mike already there. We walk up. 'hi dad! This is Niall my boyfriend' I introduce them and they shake hands.

After  We have tea and Niall keeps playing with my fingers under the table. 'well I better go now. Bye baby girl. Nice to meet you Sam. Bye bud' dad says. I stand up. 'love you dad.' I say and hug him. He walks off. 'see ya guys.' mike says. After he and Sam leave Niall takes my hand again. 'so can you tell me where the party is tonight princess?' I shake my head. 'we better get going back though. I'm scared to see what the boys have done with my clothes' 

'well Liam's fine... Shit Harry!' we stand up and run to the car together. 'he better not have touched my panties!' I say. He laughs. 'they're for me to touch only when I take them off you' I slap his shoulder. 'I hope that's true!' Niall asks. 'yes! You're the only one who touches my panties except me' I laugh. 'now can we drop the subject? It's really weird' 

We get back and Zayn greets us at the door. 'hello please sit down on the couch and the show will start very soon' he says. We walk to the couch. 'what show?' just then music starts playing and Liam comes out. 'our first model is wearing a line from miss jayas suitcase!' Louis walks out wearing some of my underwear. He has my bras around his chest and my panties on his head. When he goes back into Niall's room he says 'nice way to change things up Lou! For our next model he is wearing again miss jayas collection!'harry walked out with my bras on. 'nice hazza! They suit you! We should do this more often!' liam says. We go through Zayn and then they all walk out together and line up in from of us. 'I'm sorry for what I'm about to do babe' I whisper in Niall's ear. 

I stand up and walk up to them. 'you better not touch my panties again. Or my bras' I say firmly and squeeze Harry's thingy. 'got that!' I ask. He nods wincing. 'got that you guys!' I ask the rest of them. They nod with fright. I walk back to Niall and sit on his lap. 'don't ever touch my panties.' I laugh. 'but you can' I whisper in his ear and kiss him. 'ewwww!' the boys whine. 'go get my panties off!' I order. They run into Niall's room and take them off. 

Niall and I continue to kiss. When the boys leave Niall's room I get off his lap and we walk back into the room. Niall turns on some music from his phone. Candyman by Christina aguleria 'I did gymnastics to this' I say. 'show me!' he asks. 'no it's too sexy' I sit back on the bed. 'show me come on!' I shake my head. 'you show me the routine I'll play you the song I wrote about you' 

'deal' I get up. Well he saw me in a bikini the day after we met sooo... I start doing it and halfway through I saw him lean forward and crossing his arms on his lap. I giggle and finish. 'too hot for ya?' I ask. 'definately' he pulls me on top of him and starts kissing me. 'what about the song?' I ask. He picks up his guitar and pulls out his book. 'you're spinning round and round and round in my head. Yeah.' he starts the song was really good. 'mate!' Liam and the boys run in the room. 'that song is really good. We need to put it on the album' I laugh. 'it is really good Niall' I say. 'I'll call management and tell him he needs to hear it!' Zayn says. When thy leave the room I notice something. 'there's a missing part' I say. There was a giant spot in the page saying rap. 'yeah. See I was hoping that if it was put on the album it would have a rap. And I wanted you  to do it.' 

'me? No no no no no no' I say. 'come on! Your fantastic!' 'ummm'
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