I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


2. I think I like her

Jayas pov

'I have to be home before 7:30. Some band is coming for dinner' I say to her. We walk to the park a few blocks away. My hands in my pockets. Alicia is way pretty. She is wearing a pair of aqua jeans and a grey t-shirt. She has her black converse on. We have the same kinda style. 'alright... I have to be home then too.' she replys. 'race?' I suggest. '1...2...3...' I say. 'go!' we get to the playground. I start swinging on the swings. 'I don't want to go to my party. I just wanna go to like pizza with friends.' we both do.


Back at my house I walk in. Melissa, our maid, greets me at the door. She is the only one in this house that understands me. 'hi Mel.' I say and give her a hug. 'your late' she says pulling out of the hug. 'it's 7:30?' I was confused. 'dinner starts now. Go get changed I laid out your clothes on the bed' I smile and thank her. I run upstairs making sure my mum couldn't see me running. 

On my bed lay a light blue dress. It was tight up the top then puffed out from under my chest. It was totally my style an my mums together. I put it on and zipped up the gold zipper at the back. I quickly put my shoes on. They were wedges and boots. They were my favorite. I leave my hair down and leave the room. I walk back downstairs and melissa was waiting for me at the bottom. 'you look wonderful' she says. 'thanks.' 'go quick they're waiting... Oh by the way Luke's there' I throw my head back and groan quietly. 'it's fine' 

I walk in and my mother isn't too happy with me. 'boys this is my daughter jaya. Jaya this is one direction. They're going to be performing at your party.' I smile at them and say hi. They reply too with hey. I sit next to Luke and he kisses my cheek. In no way did I want to be next to him or him even touch me. 

'i think we should introduce ourselves formally.' one with brown hair said. 'I'm Liam' he adds. 'I'm Louis' another brown haired boy says. 'I'm Zayn' the one with black hair says. 'I'm Harry' the curly haired one says. 'and I'm Niall' he's not British that one. Irish maybe? He was blonde. Chubby cheeks and braces. I think he is younger than all the others. Probably 17? 18 maybe? He was cute. Not like ovarly hot. But cute.  Even though he was older than me. 

I didn't notice I was staring until Luke brushed a strand of hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear. I looked at him. He leant in to kiss me but I turned away. 'would you mind playing us some of your music?' I ask looking at Niall. 'sure' Liam looks at the other boys before he replies. 'ok I'll show you to the music room' I get up and straighten my dress. 'jaya you can go I'll stay here with Luke' I nod. This is the first time she has let me do something on my own for my party. I go upstairs leading them. I overhear their whispers. I don't think they noticed. 'this is a cool house' one says. 'yeah... It must be going to be an awesome party' another agrees. 'I dot think she likes us' i recognize that voice. It was different. Niall. 'I think she likes us I just don't think she knows who we are' we get to the room and I open the door. 'woah! This is awesome!' they all are amazed. 'this is a room my mum got designed for me.' I say. 'so this is all yours?' Niall asks. 'yeah.' 'no offense to you or anything but you do not look anything like a girl that would like this style of music.' Zayn says. He picks up an electric guitar. 'well you thought wrong. My mum is into all the classic stuff... I'm very different. I like this stuff. That's why I have my own room so she doesn't get embarrassed when people come over.' why'd I say that? They didn't need to know? 'ok well boys' Harry says gesturing to the microphones. Niall picks up the guitar and sits on a stool. 'boys?' they start singing. Oh shit! They're those boys! They sing that song! Omg! I'm in the presence of the boys who made this song! 'baby you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.' I was fan girdling on the inside. I had to act normal on the outside. 'are you that band?' I ask really excited. I knew the answer. 'yeah. We were surprised that you didn't know who we were.' Louis says. 'I'm not allowed to watch tv that much an I'm not allowed on the computer but I have twitter and stuff.' I explain. 'you guys are incredible!' scrap the whole lady thing. I'm sixteen for Christ sake. They all smile. I notice Niall's. It was perfect. What am I doing? He's a popstar. And he's... Wait how old is he. 'how old are you guys if you don't mind me asking?' I ask. 'Lou is 20, Harry's 18, Zayn's 19, Liam's 19 an I'm 19' Niall says. 'really? I thought you were the youngest Niall' he chuckles. 'everyone says that. It's coz he's the cutest' Louis says and pinches Niall's cheeks. 'piss off Lou!' Niall hisses. 'ooh sorry I didn't mean to' he apologizes. I shrug 'who gives a shit? Fuck language' I smile with them. 'you are really different from what you look like' Liam says. 'and what's that meant to mean?!' I raise my right eyebrow. 'well your so... Lady like' Zayn says. 'hold that thought' I run across the hall and into my room. I change into my Black track suit pants and tanktop. I slide my uggboots on and pull my hair to one side of my neck. 

Niall's p.o.v

She's so damn pretty. An I swore in front of her. I'm gonna be in trouble for that. She runs off to her room. 'Niall? Do you like her?' Louis asks poking my shoulder. 'no!' I protest. 'she's a lovely girl but I can't love her. She's to good' I add. She walks back into the room with track suit pants on and a tanktop and ugg boots. 'scrap what I just said' I whisper to the boys. 'scrap what?' she asks walking over to us. 'i heard what you were saying up the stairs... Yes big house but i hate it and how i have to act.' she goes over to a mini fridge in the corner and takes out some water. 'you have very good hearing love' Harry says.  'yep. It helps when you live with a mum who likes to talk to her 'friends'' she does the hand action. 'about me... Water?' she offers. 'Na were fine thanks' Zayn says. 'she must be proud of you then' I say. She sits on the couch next to me. She smells so nice. 'she's only proud when I do things she wants me to do. Like pageants and go to weird ball type things...' she does pageants. Wow. I bet she wins a lot. 'and...' she gets up and gestures for 
us to follow her. 

She leads us to the stairs and bends down to look through the bars. 'see that boy?' she says. 'yeah.' we look down with her. 'my mum set me up with him. I hate him so much. Posh sleezebag' she mumbles the last part. I hold back a laugh. 'what?' she laughs taking a sip of her water. 'your really different' I emphasize the really. 'jaya... We have a party coming  up at a warehouse near a beach... I was wondering if you wanted to come' I ask. Oh that was the hardest thing I ever had to say. 'I would love to.' she stands back up. 'cool I'll text you the address if you give me your number' she smiles. 'sure' she holds her hand out for my phone. I take it out my back pocket and hand it to her. She takes out her phone. 'justin bieber?' I raise an eyebrow. 'my mum wants me to like him. I don't... I know you do though. I'm sorry guys but I hate him so much... He sounds like a girl' I do like him. And if he doesn't like him it doesn't matter coz I really like her. I enter my number. 'ok we should be going now' Zayn says. 'ok I'll see you out. Mum will kill me if I don't. And plus I want to.' she smiles at me. She's perfect. We walk down the stairs and a maid opens the door. She smiles at us as we leave. 'bye boys' she calls after us. We wave as we get in the car. 
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