I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


11. I can list a million things why I hate her

Niall's p.o.v

I sit there fiddling with a licorice stick. I don't feel like eating. I wanna get out of this boring meeting and go back and see jaya again. 'mate? You aren't eating that? What's wrong?' Liam asks. 'I wanna go see jaya' I explain. 'you saw her an hour ago' he laughs. 'I know. I miss her' the boys laugh. 'so boys we have organized an appearance gig in new York. We know it seems like a long way to travel for just an appearance but we decided to give you a break after the gig do you can stay there for a couple weeks.' Paul explains. Even though he was our guard he had to decide as well where we went coz it might be a bit to dangerous. 'yeah sounds good.' we all agree. 'and we bought ten tickets do you guys can bring one person each. And I think I know who they are you three.' Paul laughs looking at Louis Liam and Zayn. He doesn't know anything bout Harry an me yet. We aren't allowed to have a girlfriend. We are the single ones of the band. 'yeah Harry and I will bring a friend' I say. 'ok you boys can go now. You leave tomorrow at 12' when he says that I'm the first out the door and to the car. 

Jayas p.o.v

I wen to go see my mum. She was still sleeping. It's 12! I decide to let her go. I get a text. 'Sam is coming be nice' from mike ugh. That bitch. 'fine u be nice to Niall I'll be nice to her' 'deal' I can make a list of things I hate about her. Niall come back already! From Niall: hey do u want me to meet u at your house? I need to ask you something. 
To Niall: sure be here ASAP I'm so bored mums still asleep. 
From Niall: alright be there soon. Love you xx
To Niall: xx

Thank god Niall gets here before Sam and mike do. 'hey babe' I say and hug him. 'hi princess' He pecks my lips. We sit on the couch an talk about some things. My mum walks down in her robe. 'hey mum' I say. 'hi jaya. Niall' she says. 'to slept a lot today' I say. 'you wanna know why?' she laughs. I look at Niall. 'oh shit' he mouths. I giggle. 'well there was a couple of dogs next door. But then I realised Alicia didn't own a dog. Well who knows?' she laughs. 'well there was you two here. But then again you two have only been dating a few days' 'yeah uh mum you can go now' I shoo her off. After she leaves I turn back to Niall. He is blushing. 'why are you blushing?' I ask. 'that's two that heard us. Maybe next time we should do it at my house' I giggle. 'that would be an idea.' I say. 

Nialls p.o.v

'um jaya the boys and I have to go to new York for a gig. And management got us two tickets each. I was hoping you would come' what if she said no?'I would love to.' she smiles. 'lovely. We leave tomorrow.' as I say that there's a knock at the door. 'alright babe' she says and gets up to answer the door. I follow her. She opens the door. 'hi mike!' she says and hugs him. 'hi mate!' I say and shake his hand. He had a girl with him. Probably a girlfriend. 'niall this is my wife Sam. And Sam this is Niall jayas boyfriend' mike introduces. 'nice to meet you' I say. They walk in and jays walks back to the couch. 

Jayas pov

'ugh I hate that bitch' I mutter as I plop on the couch. 'she seems nice' Niall says. I raise my eyebrow at him. 'what has she done I make you hate her?' he asks. 'where do I begin?' he laughs that adorable laugh of his. 'she cheated on my brother he took her bak she cheated again and he took her back she ruins all the time I have with my brother. And also she takes things from my room and pretends they're hers.' I begin. That's no even half of it. 'wow!' he says astonished. 

Mike and Sam come down. 'uh mike I'm goin to new york tomorrow with Niall and the others' I inform him. 'that's very nice!' Sam says. I roll my eyes at Niall. She covers his mouth trying not to laugh. 'well I'm going to go pack for tomorrow' I say standing up from the couch. I walk past mike and go up the stairs. I pull out my suitcase and start packing a few things.

Niall's p.o.v

Jaya got up and Went to her room to pack. I stayed and talked to mike an Sam for a while. Then went up to help her pack. 'hey' I say as I open the door. 'hi babe' she walks over and wraps her arms around m neck and I set my hands on her hips and kiss her. 
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