I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


12. Hiding love

I don't love you, it's him

Part twelve

*In new york*

Jayas pov

We are in the car on the way to the hotel. Niall and I aren't allowed to act like we are dating. Neither is Alicia and Harry. They're meant to be the single ones. I'm sitting by Niall and Alicia. Paul's across the limo. Louis has his arm around Elanor and Liam is holding Danielle's hand. Zayn and perrie are hugging. I want to do that with Niall but I can't. For the whole trip!! Only in private. 

I see out the corner of my eye Niall looking at me. I blush and look over to him.

Niall's p.o.v

 'here we are!' paul announces. The fans didn't know where we were staying yet so we could walk straight through. Paul went up and checked us in. 

Jayas pov

'alright Elanor and Louis your in this room' Paul directs them to a room at the en of the hall. We were all staying on the 5th floor. 'and liam and dani this one' he opens the door for them to go in. 'Zayn and perrie' he opens another. 'Harry and Niall' 'and Alicia your in this one and jaya your in this one' we had the whole floor. It was like a one story house we were on. 

I went into my room and set my bag in the corner of the room. I walk to the bed and flop down. I miss Niall's touch. Someone knocks on my door and then walks in. I turn my head to see Niall leaning against the door frame. I smile. 'hi princess' he says. 'hi Niall. You probably shouldn't call me that here. Paul might hear.' I prop myself up on my elbow. 'Paul's gone to get dinner and won't be back until later.' it's about 8:00 now. He walks in and shuts the door behind him. He walks over and lays down on the bed next to me and wraps his arms around me. I lay my head on his chest. 'yo guys Paul's up get out of there Niall!' Zayn says opening the door. 'shit!' we jump apart and Niall gets up and leaves the room me soon following. Zayn opens Alicia's door and tells Harry to get out. 

We go sit at the table. I'm next to Niall and Liam. I look at Niall ad smile back at him. My hands are under the table. Niall's hand locks with mine. We start eating an our hands are still together. I pick up my fork and put a bite in my mouth. Niall lets go of my hand and puts it on my knee. I smile. We have a conversation with everyone. After dinner it's about ten so I say goodnight to everyone ad go to my room. I take a shower and then rummage through my suitcase to find my pajamas. 'jaya' someone whispers through the door. 'uh just a sec' I say. I grab my light blue shorts and Purple mid rise  tank top. I put on bras because there are other people here. 'alright' they walk in. 'hi babe' I say and wrap my arms around his neck as he closes the door. 'hi princess' he kisses my lips. 'woah Niall we can't kiss remember' I say pulling back. 'who cares' I roll my eyes. 'not even one day Niall. God!' I walk over to the bed and lay down. 

'you've gone nineteen years without me I'm sure you can hold it for 2 weeks' I laugh. 'and those 19 years were miserable' he lays on top of me and kisses my lips softly then my cheek then my neck. 'get off!' I laugh and push him off.

Niall's p.o.v

 'Niall where are you?!' I hear Paul yell. I was still with jaya. 'shit!' I mutter. I get off the bed and walk out the room looking back at her on the bed. I wish I could kiss her. She is holding back her laugh. 'Paul I'm here.'  I say. He turns around and has a relieved look on his face. 'where we're you!' he says. Ahhh excuse excuse which one? 'I was saying goodnight to jaya' I say. 'right. Go to bed you have the Gig at 9' I walk back to mine and Harrys room and shut the door. He was on the bed on his phone. A cheeky smile crept on his lips. 'Alicia?' I ask. He nods. 'don't get to into it. Paul won't allow it.' I laugh wounding my jacket up and throwing it on the bed. 'yeah I know.' he laughs back. 

I put on track suit pants and then go under my sheets and text jaya. 
To jaya: wanna go somewhere?
From jaya: now?!
To jaya:yeah. Put a jumper on
From jaya: ok

I get out of bed and put the pillows under it to make it look like I'm still there. 'Haz. I'll be back later' I whisper. No answer. 'Haz!' I strip the sheets of the bed. Pillows. Smart boy. I laugh to myself. I told him to not get into it. 

I put on my Nike shoes and the green jumper I wore on the up all night tour. I didn't feel I needed to zip it up. I open my door quietly and then shut it behind me. I walk down the hall to jayas room and open it slightly. 'ready?' I whisper. 'yeah' she walks to the door and shuts it as she exits. I see she did the same pillow thing. 'legs go!' I whisper and start acting like a burglar. She giggles.

Jayas p.o.v

I don't know where we were going. I put on my ugg boots and an 'I love shit' jumper. I put pillows under my sheets to make it look like I'm still here. I used to do that all the time when I was 13. I wanted to go to these street party's but my mum wouldn't let me so Melissa would cover for me with my mum. 'ready?' Niall asks. 'yeah?' I reply.

He starts acting like a burglar. I giggle. 'should we take the window?' he asks walking to the window and looking around the frame. I walk to the door and open it. 'or we could be normal people an take the door!' I say. 'that was my next guess' I laugh. 

He takes my hand and leads me to a staircase. 'where are we going?' I ask. 'I don't know' he says. We get to the end of the staircase and there's no where else to go. I look up. 'Niall' I say. He looks up as well. he pushes the door on the roof and it opens. I climb the ladder and Niall follows. 

'woah! This is nice' I say.
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