I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


15. Embarrassing you in the pool

Jayas p.o.v

Niall was taking a shower. I'm gonna overwhelm him. I take out my phone and look up 'niall horan and girls he call princess' it comes up with all these results on William and Kate the duke and duchess of Cambridge. And then there was one labeled 'Niall horan facts.' I click on it and it comes up with 50 facts about him. I read through all of them. 'Niall James horan. 1/5 of one direction.' yeah I know al this. 'Niall would like to have a girlfriend and if he really loves her he would call her princess' I smile. Awww. 

Niall walks in with a grey track suit on. I try not to stare again at his shirtless body.   'whatcha smiling about?' he asks. 'princess' I say simply. 'what?' he comes over and sits next to me.i show him my phone. 'you are my princess' he says and kisses my cheek. I blush and turn my phone on lock and put it on the table next to my bed. 

Niall had himself propped up on his elbow. I do the same. 'so you can look things up about me on the Internet. So can I find something out about you?' he asks. 'and what do you want to know?' I ask. 

'I don't know just yet. But I will be asking many questions' I giggle. 

Niall's p.o.v

And there's that hot giggle of hers. I pull her closer to me and kiss her nose. 'I'm quite hot. Do you want to go for a swim?' she asks. 'yeah I'll ask the boys' I get up and walk out. 

Jayas pov

We're going to the pool. I get up and walk to my suitcase. I rummage through until I find my bikini. It's kinda embarrassing wearing it in front on Niall. I k ow he saw it the day after we met but I do t feel comfortable wearing it in front of him. I put it on and my white tank top over it. 

I grab a towel and go out. Everyone else was ready. 

When we get to the pool Louis runs over and jumps in. Elanor laughs at his stupidity. When they are all in Niall picks me up and walks to the edge of the pool. 'any words to persuade me not to do this?' he asks. 'no. I don't care if you do it' I say. I actually do care. made to sure its going to be cold' he says. Oh crap. I nod. He throws me in then jumps straight in after me. Oh it was so cold. I was shivering. When Niall sees me my teeth start jittering. 

'aw babe I told you it would be cold' he swims over and hugs me. The warmth off his body keeps me warm. 'shit!' I curse. 'what?' he asks. 'I just realised when white gets wet, it's see through' he laughs. 'of course it is' he continues to laugh. 'shut up!' I slap his arm a little.

 'why do you have it on anyway?' um...your too hot and I'm...me. 'I don't know' I shrug. I know he can tell I hate my body. 'princess.' he lifts my chin. 'you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen' I look in his eyes. He... Means it? He does. 'thanks babe' I peck his lips. 

I turn around an swim over to Alicia. I haven't really talked to her since we've been in new York. 'hey Ali!' I say. 'hi bebz' she hugs me. 'what happened to your sweet sixteen?' I ask. 'my mum postponed it' someone grabs my waist and pulls me back and into the corner. It couldn't be Zayn. He couldn't swim. It was probably Louis. I was standing in the corner of the pool and Niall's head pops up from under the water. 'hi princess!' he says. 'hi babe' I brush my hand through his hair. He was all wet and ugh. 

Niall's p.o.v

Yep ma wet body! Always works. Im getting her back for the elevator. I grabbed her waist and pulled her body against mine. Her knees went weak I could feel it. I slid my hand to her lower back. She let out a little weep.

Jays p.o.v

I was about to fall to my knees. He was so hot. His hand slid to my lower back. I let out a little weep. My eyes were weak. Suck it up jaya. 

Niall's p.o.v

Oh no I was loosing it. She was thinking of something. She had a smile on her face now. She leant up and kissed me passionately. 

Jayas p.o.v

I moved my hand to the back of his neck and pressed our lips harder together. 'oooohooooo!' the others say. The boys wolf whistle. We don't break the kiss. I bite Niall's lip. The kiss gets more and more intense. 'alright. Maybe not here' I say pulling away but leaving our foreheads touching. My hand was on his cheek still and I was biting my bottom lip. 

Now is the right time to make him really flustered. I Guess I won't be needing this anymore. I take off my tank top and throw it on the side of the pool. Niall smiles at me. I wrap my arms around him and peck his lips quickly. He slides his Hand down to my bum and taps it a couple times. 'I swear Niall James horan, you are turning out like Harry.' I laugh. 'I don't know whether that's a good thing or bad?'

 'it depends on what you want from it' I start swimming over to Harry and the others. 'you' he says and wraps his arms around me from behind. Louis and Zayn whistle. 'oh shut up boys!' I say. Perrie hits Zayn on the back of his head and Elanor to Louis. 

Nialls hands were fairly low. 'Harry you really gotta stop teaching Niall these things. He was innocent when we met' I say. 'what's he doing?' he asks. 'his hands are quite low' I say. I can feel Niall smile behind me. 'yeah buddy!' he says. I roll my eyes. It was about 4:00 now and I was getting a little cold out here. 'babe I'm cold I'm going back up to the room.' I say. 'I'll come with you' we get out the pool and I wrap the towel around me. 
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