I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


13. Caught

I don't love you, it's him

Part thirteen

Niall's p.o.v

I had no idea where we were going. I just wanted to be alone with her. We got onto the roof I think it was. She smiled as she saw the view. It was dark and The lights over new york were amazing. I wrap my arms around her waist and rest my chin on her shoulder. 

Jayas p.o.v

He wrapped his arms around me and rested his chin on my right shoulder. I put my hands over his and kissed his cheek. 'I love you' I say. He smiles and says the same. I turn around and kiss his lips lightly. When I try and pull away he pulls me closer. His phone buzzes in his pocket. I pull away. 'it's Liam' he says as he takes his phone out his pocket. His eyes widen and then he hangs up. 'we have to go' he says taking my hand and running to the way we came up. 'it's locked' he says worriedly. 'come on' I pull him to the railing. 'no way!' he protests. 'we have to get back don't we.' I start climbing over the railing. 'we only have to go down this pipe to that fire escape' I say pointing to it. 

We get to the fire escape and start running down the stairs. 'alright this is our window' I say. 'you go in first and run to your room' Niall says. I climb through the window and see Harry and Niall have done the pillow thing too. I run to my room and get under my sheets. Paul opened the door a few minutes later. 

*in the morning*

I woke up and Niall was next to me. 'Niall I don't think you should be holding me that low when we are meant to be pretending not to be dating' I say. His arm was around my lower back. 'don't worry the doors locked' he mumbles. 'what about your room?' 'pillows' he laughs. I kiss him passionately. 'were you here all night?' I ask. 'yup' I roll my eyes. 

We lay there for a few more minutes. 'I'm going to get dressed.' I push him out the room. I put on purple ripped skinny jeans and a pink tee shirt and my black converse. 

When I walk out the room all the boys are there and Elanor and Alicia. The other two must still be getting ready. Niall doesn't have a shirt on. I can't help but stare.

Niall's p.o.v

I notice jaya staring at me. I laugh to myself. 'ok boys we are ready to leave when you are.' Paul says walking in the room. 'Harry Alicia Niall an jaya can I speak to you' he adds. We get up and walk to the lounge area. 'so where did you go last night Niall?' he asks. 'I was in my room?' oh shit. He can see right through me. 'mmhmm sure. What about you Harry?' 'with Niall. sleeping' 'anyone gonna tell me the truth?' Paul asks. 'I know that pillow trick. I did it all the time' e adds. We all have guilty looks on our faces.

Jayas p.o.v

 'so Paul. Don't get mad or anything. But...' Niall puts his arm around me and Harry around Alicia. 'yeah' he continues. I smile hoping he won't yell.  'yeah I kinda figured. You two holdin hands under the table. Niall goin into jayas too to say 'good night'. Sneeking off to the roof' I blush. Niall caress' my cheek. 'and you two. Keep it down next time lower' he laughs. 'hey we weren't that loud!' Harry defends. Niall and I start laughing our heads off. 'I warned you' Niall says. 

'alright go on we need to leave now.' Paul says. Niall and I are holding back laughter as we leave the room.  Niall wraps his arm around my waist. 'did Paul?' Louis ask. We nod and start laughing. 
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