Winter Haze

Elizabeth has always been a fun loving girl but this Winter everything changes for her. Her acting career really takes off and she meets One Direction. Will she fall for one of them? If she does will they like her back? Or will this winter romance drift away with the next season?


1. Snowflakes Fall & So Do People


Everything was so white, so perfect but yet cold and cruel. I felt like I was on a movie set, a Christmas special were the girl always falls in love. I watched the younger kids dance around and have snowball fights, there little faces red from being cold.

I finally ventured outside the comfort of my warm apartment. Once I opened the door a cold breeze went down my back I shivered and closed the door. After a few minutes I went farther into snow. I ran through the snow smiling snowflakes falling all around me.

After a while I was lost due to the thick snow surrounding me. I kept walking around until I fell over someone. The person caught me bridle style “You aright love?” I just about died it was THE Harry Styles? OMG! I couldn’t believe it all I could say was “Ye-yeah,” Harry just laughed still holding me. I could feel my heart pumping faster, so I slowed down my breathing.

“Harry you can let me go now,” I said trying to remain calm. He still didn’t let my go “What if I don’t want to?” Harry said the slightest smirk on his face from what I could tell, it was still very hard know. I rolled my eyes acting the least bit interested “Just let go!” I said as sweetly as I could. Harry chuckled “No! Not until I know your name.” 

I smiled slightly trying not to blush but could you blame me it was THE Harry Styles. I can tell you he looks way hotter in person. I noticed he was still looking at me. “Oh sorry, I’m Elizabeth” I said looking at the white snow below. Harry smirked a slight sparkle was in his eyes, but I wasn’t sure why. He then gently put me back on the ground “Now love I hope you don’t fall into anyone else.” I nodded and looked at the ground I was now red blushing like crazy. Luckily my long blonde hair was covering my blush.

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