More Than This

Emily had been friends with Louis Tomlinson for 10 years. When Louis leaves for the X- Factor it is hard for both of them. They haven't seen each other in over a year and Emily has a lot to tell Louis, she has to tell him about her boyfriend who is two years older than her, which will be hard because he is very over protective of her and never liked any of her boyfriends. Louis told the boys not to fall for Emily because if they ever broke her heart he would have to kill them. But what happens when Emily has boy problems. Who will be there for her? Who will fall for her?


5. Love

Harry's POV:

                       I can not believe what i just saw. I followed Louis upstairs and he comes to a sudden stop. I crash into him then i look up its Brett kissing Emily's neck. She  said" Brett not here" in a moan. So he stops but then starts again he said he  couldn't wait for tonight, and me only guessing what was going to happen i felt a sudden rush of jealousy. He picks her up her legs around his waist then they kiss deeply, he grabs her butt making her moan he feels up the sides of her body tugging up her shirt. I know me or Louis should have said something but i just was so shocked and i was just staring. She slid her hand down his chest know her fingers tracing the outside of his underwear he moans but then she hopes off him. She was teasing him and he knew it they shared another kiss and that's when Emily saw us. Her eyes widened and her face turned red. She asked how long we were there and we say long enough then Louis tries to explain why he came up. She soon said good bye again and left. I then looked at Louis in shock.


Louis POV: 

                      I just saw the most disturbing thing in my whole entire life. I don't even want to think about what they would do tonight because i would probably have puked. She soon left after she noticed us, would could tell she was embarrassed. Harry looked at me and all he said was "Wow". I still stood there in shock. Then me and Harry went down stairs where the boys where and they were asking why it took so long and why did we look so shocked. Me and Harry told them what happened and soon after that zayn  smiled and said " That's my girl" they all started laughing except for me. Then me and the boys started to watch a movie and then Zayn and Harry went into the kitchen. I followed them and they didn't notice i was there. I heard Zayn start to speak " Man your lucky i wish I could have seen that" Harry responded saying " Hahaha dude it was a sight to see she knew what she was doing i just wish instead of that Brett guy it would have been me" still listing Zayn said " Same, her body is amazing". I cough so they would realize there. They turned around and saw me " Seriously guys, its disgusting for you to talk about my little baby girl like that, you pigs" Harry responded by saying " Louis I don't think she is as innocent as you think she is and she isn't your little baby girl she is 18". I just roll my eyes and walk out of the room.


Emily's POV:

                       Once we got to Brett's house he pulled me up into his bed room. He was on top of me kissing me from my lips to jawline down to my neck leaving love bites all around my neck. I moan from the pleasure. I soon then get on top of Brett and i take off his shirt i kiss his chest all the way down to the top of his pants. His little "friend" is up now and i slowly un-zip his pants teasing him he lets out a moan and his stomach twitches. Then he gets on top of me and takes of my shirt and bra then he kisses my stomach down to my pants and he slides them along with my under wear he takes off his know and we are both completely  naked. He slowly kisses me as he starts to put himself inside of me. Our moans and gasps start to escape are lips. For the next hour we were making love and it was the best night ever. Then we both fell asleep naked cuddling each other.











(A/N Sorry it's a short chapter there will be another chapter up tonight and I will update more scince it's the weekend!!)
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