More Than This

Emily had been friends with Louis Tomlinson for 10 years. When Louis leaves for the X- Factor it is hard for both of them. They haven't seen each other in over a year and Emily has a lot to tell Louis, she has to tell him about her boyfriend who is two years older than her, which will be hard because he is very over protective of her and never liked any of her boyfriends. Louis told the boys not to fall for Emily because if they ever broke her heart he would have to kill them. But what happens when Emily has boy problems. Who will be there for her? Who will fall for her?



Louis POV:

                        Today i finally get to see Emily my bestfriend for almost 10 years. I havent seen her in a year, it has been really hard on me since she is like my little sister. I am very protective over her and i have never liked any of her boyfriends. The boys are excited to meet her, I already gave them the "you can not date her because she is like my sister" speech and they all say they understood, but Harry and Zayn still worry me because i know how much of a flirt Harry is and Zayn he is such a charmer. Em( my nickname for Emily) told me she had to tell me something important but i just cant wait to see her. I am picking her up in an hour.


Emily POV:

                          I cant wait to see Louis he is like my brother and i haven't seen him in almost a year! I have to admit i am kind of nervous about telling Louis about Brett. Me and Brett (my boyfriend) have been together for 7 months and we are totally in love. I cant wait to meet the boys i know we are all going to become very close. Well Louis should be here soon so i should go get ready. I hopped in the shower and washed my long dark hair with my coconut shampoo and washed my body. I got out and brushed through my hair. My hair has natural beach waves which i love so i can just let my hair air dry while i put a minimal amount of make-up on. I was never one for caking my face with make-up, after that and went to my closet an took out a pair of shorts with a crop top that said love across it. Once i was done i had about five minutes to spare so i took my phone out and checked twitter. Then i got a text from Louis that he was out front. YAY!








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