More Than This

Emily had been friends with Louis Tomlinson for 10 years. When Louis leaves for the X- Factor it is hard for both of them. They haven't seen each other in over a year and Emily has a lot to tell Louis, she has to tell him about her boyfriend who is two years older than her, which will be hard because he is very over protective of her and never liked any of her boyfriends. Louis told the boys not to fall for Emily because if they ever broke her heart he would have to kill them. But what happens when Emily has boy problems. Who will be there for her? Who will fall for her?


9. It was an accident

Emily's POV: 

                        Last night was horrible, all those memories came back to me like i was reliving that horrible night all over again. I guess i fell asleep in Louis bed because that's were i woke up. Then i heard voices downstairs. " Dude chill, she had a rough night last night and just crashed here" i heard harry say. " No, wheres that dumb slut, shes coming home" I head Brett say. Then 6 people stormed into the room i was in. Brett came over to me and grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of my bed. " you whore i knew you cheat on me, with that ugly rat boy" he pulled me harder and i began to hurt. " Brett please stop your hurting me, and i did not cheat on you don't talk about Louis like that". He pulled me harder and i fell to the ground. He picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. The boys were screaming at him telling him to put me down and for him to leave. " Oh sure im glad to leave, but with her" then we walked out of the door and he threw me into the car. He got in and i started talking " Brett, i swear i did not cheat on you i love you" he snapped " Oh sure you do" he sounded funny he was slurring his word then i realized he had been drinking. We got the the house and and we got into a fight. " Your such a slut, going around and fucking guys like its your job". He then slammed me against the wall i tried to run away but he was much stronger than me. He pressed against me really hard and then slapped me across the face. I fell to the floor i was crying so much. He began to kick me, he got on top of me and dug his nails into my arms and across my legs and chest. He got of me and stared and me laying lifeless on the floor and then he just left. He left me lying there to die. That's when i realized i needed to get out before he came back. I stood up i cried in pain and made my way to the door i got out side and stated to walk to Louis house. Good thing he lived close. It took me ten minutes to walk there. Once i got to his door i just wanted to collapse and go to sleep and never wake up. Then i knocked on the door hoping someone would answer since it was 2 in the morning.


Harry's POV: 

                          When Brett came in and said all those mean words about Emily, i just wanted to kill him. His stormed up to Em and grabbed her out of bed she pegged for him to stop and that he was hurting her. He was calling her all sorts of mean names. He grabbed her and took her away to fast, we couldn't get her and before you know it Em left with Brett. Louis was freaking out and tried to go get her but Liam stopped him saying that if he went things could get wore so we all sat on the couch and tried to watch TV but we were all thinking about the same thing Emily. At around 1 in the morning Liam and zayn went to bed then around 1:30 niall went to   then louis but i wasn't tired i couldn't help but think about Emily. Then at 2 in the morning someone knocked on the door. I went to the door and opened it to see Emily completely beat up and bloody. She fell into my arms and i screamed for Louis. Soon all the boys rushed down stairs. Louis stared and started to cry. He then picked up emily and brought her upstairs and we all followed. Louis started to take Emily's clothes off. " Em, talk to me, don't fall asleep baby, say something" louis cried. "Stomach" we heard her mumble and that when Louis took her shirt off. We all gasped at what we saw. He stomach was pretty much all black and bloody. Louis started to cry he then took her pants off and we were all socked there were nail marks up her legs and across her chest. " Liam grab her legs, help me get her to the bathroom" they carried her to the bathroom and louis took her in the shower and let the water run on her as he held her. She began to flutter her eyes open. She tried to move and she screamed so loud and starting crying and holding her side. We took her out of the shower and Louis dressed her in his t-shirt. He laid her on her bed and she started to move and scream. When she screamed it sounded like somebody shot her. Louis was in hysterics he was balling his eyes out we all kinda were. None of us left her side and Louis just held her hand and rubbed it.


Louis POV:

                       When i saw Em it literally broke me. She looked so hurt and beat up. Every time she would scream, I felt her pain. I was balling my eyes out, so were the boys. "Guy's what do we do" i asked still crying. "Louis, we have to see how she is in the morning..then if she is still really bad we will have to take her into the hospital" liam sounded so serious but sad at the same time. I tried to think positive but every time i look at her i always think the about the worse. Why did Brett do this too her? Wait, was it Brett for sure? I could have been John  he could have found her but he said he wouldn't let her live. I guess im going to have to ask her when she wakes up. Me and the boys are trying to sleep but we cant its too hard knowing what kind of pain emily is in. 



                  When i got to the house i don't remember much. I just remember that Harry answered and then net thing i knew i was in the shower. The next morning i was i could hear things,but i couldn't see. I heard louis speaking but i couldn't pay attention to what he was saying it kind of sounded like he was talking a different language. I started to open my eyes and when i did i saw five faces staring at me. When i sat up they all were saying no no like i was a baby or something i didn't understand why i couldn't sit up. Then when i did sit up my body hurt so bad, it was the worst pain i ever felt in my life. I started to cry without even knowing it. " Lou, what happened to me?" I was so confused but then that's when i remembered what happened yesterday. I started to get up but the boys told me to stay in bed. ' Em, did Brett do this" louis questioned me. " Lou, he didn't mean to he was drunk and upset, can you help me get up so i can go home please" i was hoping he would let me go so i can go talk to brett. " You are not leaving this house." louis scared me with how serious he sounded. I decided not to argue. I told the boys i was hungry so they could leave me alone for a couple minutes so i could text Brett but louis told harry to stay and watch me. " Em, im so sorry a guy should never hurt you like that" harry sounded like he has been crying. " wouldn't be the first time" i mumbled hoping he wouldn't here. " What was that?" harry asked "Oh nothing" thank god he didn't here me. I asked harry to go get me another blanket so he would leave the room for a couple of minutes. He got up and right when he left an unexpected face came through the door. 













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