More Than This

Emily had been friends with Louis Tomlinson for 10 years. When Louis leaves for the X- Factor it is hard for both of them. They haven't seen each other in over a year and Emily has a lot to tell Louis, she has to tell him about her boyfriend who is two years older than her, which will be hard because he is very over protective of her and never liked any of her boyfriends. Louis told the boys not to fall for Emily because if they ever broke her heart he would have to kill them. But what happens when Emily has boy problems. Who will be there for her? Who will fall for her?


8. Hanging with the Boys...

Louis POV: 

                      The boys were begging for me to text Em, to tell her to come over. I mean i wanted her to come over too, but i didn't know if Brett would let her. I just gave in and finally texted her.

'Hey babe, was wondering if you would wanna come over and hang out with me and the boys? xx'

'Sure thing, ill be over in 30 minutes xxx:)'

I smiled when i got her text im so happy she was coming over, and when i told the boys they seemed pretty happy too. Me and the boys passed time by talking about Em and i told them the whole story about what happened in the kitchen. " I just don't understand why he would try to make her choose between you too.." Niall said, soon liam added to the conversation " well i guess she got over it quickly because right when they got out of the kitchen they started kissing". I was thinking not listening to the conversation until i heard zayn say something that disgust me " Well, we all know what they did last night". " Yeah, there probably did it when we left too, I guess she likes the 'D'" harry said and everyone starting cracking up but me i just whacked Harry on the side of the head. They all shut up when the doorbell rang. I shot up from my seat and ran to the front of the door and opened it. Emily walked in and hugged me. Then all the boys came in and hugged her too " I missed you guys so much" she said smiling " We missed you too" we all said. " So what do you guys wanna do" she asked. " Lets watch a movie" niall stated. We all said yeah and niall popped in a movie. We all sat on one long could, the order when me,then em, harry, zayn, then liam. We all sat in silence waiting for the movie to come on. " what are we watching" em asked. " Paranormal Activity" niall said still staring at the screen waiting for the movie to come on. " Louis, I hope you don't mind my face being in your chest the whole movie, and me calling you in the middle of the night" she giggled "Of course not babe" as i kissed her on the cheeks.  Right when the movie started she wrapped her arms around my body and hid her face in my chest every time something scary would happen.


Harry POV:

                     During the movie Emily was pretty much stuck to Louis. I found my self staring at them and just wishing it was me. Then the movie ended and we all sat their and were giggling about how jumpy Em was after it, if there was any sound she would jump into louis arms. Then i suggested we should play truth or dare. They all nodded and we sat in a circle on the floor. Louis went first and asked me truth or dare of course i was going to pick dare "Dare" i said, " I dare you to make out with a pillow" so i go grabbed a pillow and started to kiss the pillow. Everyone was laughing, it was my turn to pick someone and it was Em " Em truth or dare" she hesitated and the picked truth "Truth" i sighed and couldn't think of one so i turned to the boys for help and we picked the best one " Are you a virgin?" she looked shocked and she turned to look at Louis " Of course my little princess is..Right? louis sounded unsure. Em laughed " Haven't been for awhile" Louis looked shocked. " but... princess how could you" Louis asked joking. " Well one night me and Jo--" she cut herself off and looked at louis and her eyes filled with tears. I was wondering what was happening but i didn't want to ask and and make her more up set. She said she had to go to the bathroom and left. I turned to Louis and he looked like he was about to cry too. He got up to go find Em. Me and the boys went to find them both because it has been an hour since they both left. We saw that Louis door was shut and we heard them talking. " Shhh... baby it's okay, its over hes not here it just you and me" louis sounded like he has been crying. Me and the boys just looked at each other but didn't say a word because we all wanted to know what was happening. " Louis, Im so scared i have dreams all the time and i always have to be with someone im afraid he is going to find me and hurt me again". Me and the boys decided we shouldn't be listening and walked away. Little after that me and the boys went into the room. There laid Emily in Louis arms. She was asleep and Louis was just pushing her hair out of her face and 'shhing' her and saying everything was going to be fine. When he saw that we there he put her on the bed and sat beside her scratching her back. He looked at us, and put a finger over his lips saying to be quiet. Then he kissed her head and walked out of the door closing behind us. 


Louis POV: 

                        I kissed her head and walked downstairs with the boys we all sat in the couch in silence until liam asked " Is Em ok" I nodded feeling the tears come into my eyes " Are you okay" liam asked after. I looked up at him and a tear rolled down my cheek. " Guys, im sorry you must be wondering what the hell--" i was cut off by seeing a crying emily. She had on my shirt that hug of her body and just her under wear. " Louis" she cried. She came over and sat on me and cried into my shirt. I pushed back her hair and made circles on her back. The boys looked at me  with questioning eyes. I just sighed, Em looked up at me " Louis will you come sleep with me" she asked, " Sure love" i started to take her upstairs and we went into bed.














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