More Than This

Emily had been friends with Louis Tomlinson for 10 years. When Louis leaves for the X- Factor it is hard for both of them. They haven't seen each other in over a year and Emily has a lot to tell Louis, she has to tell him about her boyfriend who is two years older than her, which will be hard because he is very over protective of her and never liked any of her boyfriends. Louis told the boys not to fall for Emily because if they ever broke her heart he would have to kill them. But what happens when Emily has boy problems. Who will be there for her? Who will fall for her?


7. Choose

Brett's POV:

                       I walked down stairs to find that Louis and Emily were gone some where. I was just in my boxers and i was filled with anger and jealousy I went up to one of those boys that were at my house i  don't even remember there names. " Were is Emily" i asked as anger grew in my voice. " With Lou, in the kitchen" one of them said. So i stormed to the kitchen to see my girlfriend crying in Louis arms. They didn't see me there so i listened. She told him she loved him, and he said something about a guy named john but i don't even care all i needed to hear is that she loved him. They were still hugging and so i grabbed Emily's waist and turned her around. " So you love him not me" i screamed. " Brett, i told you upstairs i loved both of you, I love him like a brother and you like a boyfriend." she sounded so upset. To see her like that broke me, but i wanted her to myself. " Em, I love you, but you have to choose one of us, either him or me." she looked so confused and hurt but she needed to choose because i cant have her if shes always with him. " Brett, please don't make me choose please" she pleaded. " You have too" i said i wanted to cry so badly and just hold her but she had to choose. "I cant, please Brett please, I thought you loved me." I do love her i really do, fine i know she wont choose so i gave her another option. " I do love you, but i know you wont choose and im not going to make you then i don't want you to live with him live with me." she looked back at Louis with sorry eyes "Fine, Brett". Yes she is going to live with me not that Louis guy she is going to be with me. Louis started to speak but i cut him off by grabbing Emily. She turned around and i took her out of the kitchen. Then i kissed her i couldn't hold it in any longer seeing her like that just broke me.


Louis POV: 

                       Brett came in i was so angry with him it took everything not to just punch him in the face. He was hurting Emily, and i hated him for that. She tried to explain to him that she loved both of us, but he wouldn't listen. He said she had to choose one of us. My heart dropped i really didn't know who she was going to pick. She said she wouldn't pick. So he gave her another option he told her to move in with him not me. She turned around and looked at me she gave me a sorry look. She told him ok. I was so angry with him i was just about to tell him off but he pulled then he cut me off by taking Emily away. After a couple of minutes of just thinking about what just happened i decided to go tell the boys whats going on. So i walked out to the living room they all stared at me. " Guy's Emily isn't moving in with us anymore, plans changed so we can go home now." They all looked at me with confused faces but they listened and we all got up and left. Emily came up to me and hugged me and the rest of the boys. She said sorry for being rude, and making them come here. They all told her it was fine and with that we left. I didn't know were that left me and Em. I know were still best friends but will we still be able to see each other. I really do not like Brett that for sure. But if Emily is happy with him im going to have to deal with it because i love her.


Zayn's POV: 

                         Me and the boys heard them talking but we couldn't really make out what they were saying but we did here Emily crying. All of us just waited for Louis to come out of the kitchen we saw Emily and Brett walk out and right when they did he kissed her, i don't think she was expecting it because she stood there for a couple seconds but then realized what was going on and then kissed back. Then he picked he up and she started giggling. She was so cute, i wish that could be me. I knew harry was jealous because of the way he looked when he just say what happened. She looked like he was fine know but she still kinda looked sad. Then Louis walked out he looked so angry he told us she wasn't moving in with anymore an i have to admit i was upset because i thought even though i couldn't have her it would be fun to make harry jealous. I realized that i didn't like her like that anymore, when she was crying i just anted to be there for her but in a big brother type of way. I knew we would become very good friends. So when we were about to leave she came down and hugged us all. I could tell harry liked it because he hugged her tighter than the rest of us. 


Harry's POV: 

                          When Emily came out and Brett kissed her i was so jealous, i don't understand why i just met this girl and she has a boyfriend but i cant help the way i feel. Then Lou came out and told us she wasn't going to be living with us i was bummed. I secretly withed i could get her to fall in love with me and she would breakup with Brett and choose me but that's just a dream of mine i knew it was never going to happen because, i could tell she was in love with Brett. So when we were leaving   she hugged me hugged her so tight, i felt sparks from her touch. That's when i realized i had it bad.


Emily's POV: 

                        It was so hard for me to be mad at Brett, but i really wanted to be mad at him i cant believe he put me in such a hard position. I could not choose between them, i really couldn't but i could choose who to live with and i had to choose Brett he was my boyfriend. I felt bad though, i already told them i would. They were all about to leave and i wanted to say sorry and goodbye so i hugged all of them. When i got to Harry something weird happened. He touched me and i felt something, it was like electricity. He hugged me tighter than any other of the boys did which made me smile. Once they left, i turned around to see a sad look Brett. " Baby, whats wrong?" i questioned " I feel so bad, i was just so jealous of you and Louis relation ship, i really didn't want to hurt you please forgive me." he sounded so sweet. " Of course baby, I love you" i ran up to him and hugged him. He pulled my head up from his chest and he kissed me. It was gentle and sweet but then it got more passionate. I slid his tongue on my bottom lip and so i opened my mouth and let him in. he started to feel up my sides. i began to smile and i felt his harden underneath me. I giggled and started to kiss his neck. He moaned, and started to take off my shirt, we stopped kissing and he picked me up so my legs where around his waist. I giggled and said " Brett just because we are now living together doesn't mean this i going to happen every day" he laughed and just nodded while he carried me up stairs to his bedroom. Then im sure you can imagine what happened next. We were both lying on the bed trying to catch out breaths. " Im going to take a shower babe" i started to get up but then i got pulled back down. Brett laid  on top of me and started to kiss me i pushed him off  "Seriously, i need to go take a shower" " I could take one with you" Brett started to smile. " Are you always Horny?" we both started to laugh and i got up to go get in the shower. Then when i got out i had a text form Louis.





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