More Than This

Emily had been friends with Louis Tomlinson for 10 years. When Louis leaves for the X- Factor it is hard for both of them. They haven't seen each other in over a year and Emily has a lot to tell Louis, she has to tell him about her boyfriend who is two years older than her, which will be hard because he is very over protective of her and never liked any of her boyfriends. Louis told the boys not to fall for Emily because if they ever broke her heart he would have to kill them. But what happens when Emily has boy problems. Who will be there for her? Who will fall for her?


4. Awkward.

Louis POV: 

                      Once i walked inside i told everybody what was happening and to be nice to Brett. A couple minutes later i look out of the window and see Em jump into a mans arms which im guessing was  Brett. They shared a kiss and then he let her down and they intertwined fingers and walked up to the house. Something about seeing her with him like that made me get mad, i was not jealous it was just Emily is like my little sister so its weird seeing her kiss another man. They walk into the house and soon  he greats me and Em stands there staring at me, she mouthed the words " say hello" and that is exactly what i did.


Harry's POV: 

                        Is saw her run into Brett's arms and they kiss. My stomach dropped and i suddenly felt angry. Louis told us we had to be nice to him but that was going to be very hard for me. All of us boys introduced our self's. We all went into the living room and sat on the couch and started talking.


Emily's POV: 

                          We all went into the living room and sat on the couch and started talking. Louis was embarrassing me by acting like he was my dad and interrogating Brett with a bunch of questions. I loved how Brett acted respectful and just answered Louis questions and did not give cocky answers. After a whole 2 hours of talking i told the boys i was leaving and want to give them all hugs. Then out of know were Louis asked " Well, you see Em me and the boys were kind of thinking you could move in with us for awhile" i looked shocked of course i wanted too but would Brett be okay with it i mean i would be living with a house full of boys. So i look up at Brett with pleading eyes and a puppy dog face as if he could read my mind he said " Em i know you want to and i know you have missed Louis so you can if you want don't let me hold you back" but then he looks at the boys saying something to them " Just nobody can steal my baby away so don't try anything boys". the nodded and i just let out a giggle and jumped up into Brett's am and he whispered in my ear " but baby will you stay with me tonight?" " Of course baby" i said as he kissed my lips. I turned to Louis and said " Ok Louis i would love to move in with you and im going to spend the night at Brett's house tonight ill be back tomorrow and then we can go get my things Ok?" " Sure babe" Louis said.


Louis POV: 

                      I was so happy that she is moving in with us. She jumps into Brett's arms and he whispers something in her ear and she said something back as he kissed her lips. I still don't like seeing that. She told me she was spending the night a Brett's and I just say ok and all the other boys starting giggling and smiled wiggling their eyebrows. All the boys hugged her saying bye and when she got to me i hugged her and whispered in her ear " Be safe" she looked at me her cheeks turning red and she slapped the side of my arm playfully then saying " Shut up Louis". They were just about to leave when Em turns around saying she forgot something walking up stairs with Brett right behind her. 


Emily's POV:  

                           I just forgot my jacket up stairs so i went to go get it with Brett following me into Louis room. Once we got into the room Brett's hands were on my waist, i turned around and he kissed me passionately and eagerly i knew what he wanted. " Brett we cant do this here i moaned as he was kissing my neck. " I cant wait for tonight baby" Brett's said his voice deep and lustful. He pulled my legs around his waist. He started kissing me again and this time i let him he gently pressed him lips against mine and then began to deepen the kiss and slid he tongue into my mouth. His hands grabbed my butt as i let out a moan he started to fell my sides up and down then lifting my shirt slightly just below my boobs. My hands move down his chest right above his pants my hands trace the edge of his boxers. He left out a soft moan and that's when i  hopped off him and started looking for my jacket. I turned around and he looked shocked and he came close to my face and said " Your such a tease" he smirked. He grabbed my face and kissed my lips gently then pulling away i saw Louis and Harry standing there looking at us in shock. My face turned red and i asked " How long have you been standing there they both said " Long enough"  the said in unison. Then Louis spoke up and said "i thought you may have been looking for you jacket and i found it so i was going to bring it up to you and then i saw well you know" he said still seaming shocked so i grabbed the jacket and said bye one more time and then left.













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