My hatred comes in a pack of three

He was there, where he said he would be. i said i would be there first but he was waiting. Secretly i hated him but being alone is not in my intentions. lying was what i hated most about him. those stupid lies about him not cheating and how he lied about that. living all alone in a house full of memories, far away from anyone, i will never know the truth. the truth about what? him. what he is, where he is from. i fucking swear to god he is not normal.

Hey munchkins, this is by my favuorite girl Sarah Hall :) her nickname is Shit Tits. haha


2. The call

i didn't want to call him. i thought it would be awkward. That night i couldn't sleep. i had an urge to dial the number. so i carefully hit each number. it rang three times before he picked up

"Hello?" he said in a low husky tone

"uh um.... Uh hi, i am Charne, you gave me your number today at the resturant down town"

"uh yes, Charne. i was hoping you would call. i am Kyle. I would like to know if you would like to come on a date with me on Friday, that is, if you don't have a boyfriend of course?"

"yeah i'd love to"

"great, i will pick you up at 8:00pm"

"uh Kyle, how do you know where i"

i was interupted by the beep from the other end. once again, he left.

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