I'm Trying To Be OK

Amber has worked hard to provide a great life for her little sister, Lily. When their father experiences a painful -and unexpected- death, their mother decides to choose a different life. Therefore, Amber is given no other choice other than to begin raising 3 year old Lily by herself at the age of just 16. Now Lily is going to be 5 years old and has become a big fan of One Direction, When Amber finally sets aside enough money to score tickets to a concert, the boys become very interested to know more about them. Their lives instantly change into something better than anything they could have ever imagined. Find out what happens throughout their journey of love, trust, risks, and happiness.


16. The Mommy Talk

I tiptoed into the living room, where the boys had prepared enough sandwiches to feed an army. I didn't realize that it was already 1 o'clock. I smiled at them and went closer. "Wow. Good job guys. You're capable of putting sandwiches together." I laughed. 

"We are, but we ordered these from room service." Liam replied. I rolled my eyes, grabbing one and taking a bite. Zayn passed me, leaving his scent in the air. I breathed it in and smiled. 

"Baby, go get some lunch over there." I told Lily, pointing to the boys.

"I'm not very hungry." She pouted and smashed her face onto a pillow. I sighed and looked at Zayn. I saw the others gathering around the door, sandwiches in hand, picking up their coats.

"We have to go pick up our suits for the photo shoot." Niall said. "Its at 5 tomorrow and they want things to move swiftly, so they told us to pick them up today." 

"Five am?" Zayn asked. "You're all going?" Niall responded with a nod. 

"You wanna come too?" 

"Um, no I'm gonna stay here. Don't forget my suit."

"No problem mate." They left and we were left there in silence. I rubbed Lily's back and she sat up.


"Where's Mommy?" I felt a jolt in my gut. I looked at Zayn nervously and he rested his hand on my knee.

"Well, darling you mum has gone... she has gone to...." he tried.

"Baby she left us." I blurted out, completely regretting it afterwards. I covered my mouth and gasped.

"Why did she leave us?"

"She was feeling very sad about Daddy going to heaven, so she left to be on her own."

"Why didn't she take me with her?"

"I don't know baby girl." 

"Is she ever going to come back?"

"I don't know. Maybe." She looked at her toes and frowned. It broke my heart. "Come here." I pulled her into a big hug. I kissed her cheek and she wiped it off. After rolling my eyes I added, "Are you tired?" She nodded. "Okay, so go to our room and take a nap." She put her head down and disappeared into the hallway. I took a deep breath and clenched my fist. My heart was about to give up. That just chiseled another crack in it, and it was on the edge of shattering.  

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