I'm Trying To Be OK

Amber has worked hard to provide a great life for her little sister, Lily. When their father experiences a painful -and unexpected- death, their mother decides to choose a different life. Therefore, Amber is given no other choice other than to begin raising 3 year old Lily by herself at the age of just 16. Now Lily is going to be 5 years old and has become a big fan of One Direction, When Amber finally sets aside enough money to score tickets to a concert, the boys become very interested to know more about them. Their lives instantly change into something better than anything they could have ever imagined. Find out what happens throughout their journey of love, trust, risks, and happiness.


3. The Concert

I wore a pair of faded jeans and a red v-neck along with my black boots to match the cami under my shirt. I let my long hair fall down my back and made sure that my makeup was subtle and light. I swung my bag over my shoulder and grabbed Lily's little pink backpack that was stuffed with her pink blankie, her juice bottle, and pretzels.  "Ready to go baby girl?" I asked her. She nodded and took my hand as we walked out to the car. My mom left her car behind when she left. It was old, but it got us around. I started up the engine and drove to the diner. Lily got chicken fingers and french fries while I got a coffee and a turkey sandwich. When we left the diner, it was 1:52. Since the concert was slightly far away, we had just enough time to get there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Getting to the concert wasn't too bad, we were two minutes late but it didn't really matter. Nobody had started talking or singing on stage yet. The music started as soon as we took our seats and we were basically forced to stand and cheer just like all the other fans. I examined the boys. There was a blonde one, with a cute smile. A slightly tall one, with brown eyes and a curly haired one with dimples. There was also a brunette with blue eyes and a perverted look on his face. And another with dark hair and a cold expression. He had a nice voice, well, they all did. Lily sang along while I adjusted her on my hip. 

I closed my eyes and listened to one love song after another. I thought of Noah. He'd play his guitar and sing Lily to sleep. He'd sing in my ear and kiss my neck. When I didn't want him to, he would grab my wrist, tight. I looked down at my arm and stared at the scare he gave me the time he dug his fingernails into my skin. The time he threw a vase at me left a scar on my elbow from the shattered glass. He apologized afterwards and kissed me as if it never happened. We were together for 8 months. After I broke up with him, he kept coming back, banging on our door at midnight, calling me 10 times a day. He finally gave up after a couple of weeks but still tries every once and a while. I officially became afraid of him and decided that he was never allowed in my life again.

The concert ended and we waited backstage for the boys to come out. Lily's smile never left her face and she couldn't sit still. There were a couple of other girls there, waiting just as impatiently as Lily was. I sat on one of the fancy couches while she paced around the coffee table. When they came out, she instantly ran into the blonde one's arms. He hugged her and looked at me. My cheeks became hot because I was embarrassed that my little sister wasn't even patient enough for them to say two words. "Hello there." he said to her, setting her down. "What's your name?"

"Lily Hayden Scott!" She said loudly. They giggled as the rest of the girls approached them and Lily ran over to me. "Come say hi!" She pulled me over to them. "This is my big sister Amber!" They hadn't been listening because the other fans were asking them questions and taking pictures. Lily pouted. 

"It's okay baby. Just wait a couple of minutes, they'll listen to you." I said, smoothing out her dress. Lily kept attempting to get their attention, but she wasn't nearly as loud as the screaming girls around them. I couldn't help but laugh. She tugged on their shirts and tried to squeeze between one of the girls' legs. She came over to me again and pouted. The guard warned everyone that we had 3 minutes left. What a ripoff. 

"Can you try?" Lily asked me. I took her hand and walked over to them, and tapped on the curly boy's shoulder. Nothing. The girls gave me dirty looks and continued to babble on. The guard started assisting people out the door. I picked her up.

"I'm sorry Lily. Maybe we can meet them again some other time. Okay?" She buried her face into my neck and sighed. I grabbed our stuff and walked out into the night. I strapped Lily into her booster seat and plopped into the drivers seat. The car sputtered but didn't turn on. I tried over and over again but it never gave in. "Come on Lily, lets walk around for a bit." I took her out and grabbed her hand. looks like we'll be spending a little more time out here than I thought. 


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