I'm Trying To Be OK

Amber has worked hard to provide a great life for her little sister, Lily. When their father experiences a painful -and unexpected- death, their mother decides to choose a different life. Therefore, Amber is given no other choice other than to begin raising 3 year old Lily by herself at the age of just 16. Now Lily is going to be 5 years old and has become a big fan of One Direction, When Amber finally sets aside enough money to score tickets to a concert, the boys become very interested to know more about them. Their lives instantly change into something better than anything they could have ever imagined. Find out what happens throughout their journey of love, trust, risks, and happiness.


36. Re-Schedule


Zayn held my hand loosely in the elevator, with Lily sitting on his hip. I adjusted my bag on my shoulder and shifted awkwardly as we approached my car. I felt like I hadn't seen it in forever. He opened the car door for me after we secured Lily in her car seat and threw my bag in the trunk. I listened to the car sputter to life as he shut the door and I pulled down my window. "They rescheduled our flight." he said, lighting a cigarette. Lily had fallen asleep already, I noticed when I glanced into my rear-view mirror. Man, that girl sleeps a lot. I blinked, and looked at him in disbelief. 

"So... When are you leaving?" I asked, inhaling the aroma of smoke. He waved his hand around to prevent it from entering the car. He stared at me sadly and pursed his lips around the cigarette. He answered after blowing out his next drag. 

"Monday." I nodded and gripped the steering wheel, while trying to keep my face emotionless. When I swallowed the lump in my throat, the tears began to form. I looked down so he couldn't see me. 

I was going to lose him... But yet, I still didn't know how I felt about him. 

He noticed my sad face and threw his cigarette to the ground. "Babe, don't..." I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as he leveled his eyes with mine. He leaned forward and kissed my forehead. He didn't finish the sentence, he just ended it with, "I'll call you tonight." then he ran his thumb over my cheek while I took one last glance at him, and walked off. I saw him take a peek inside of the back window to look at Lily for a second before he wandered away from the car. I watched him walk all the way to the hotel doors, and when I was sure that he was completely gone, I bursted into tears. I couldn't even control it, it sorta just happened. 

And when i was able to tame my sobbing, I stepped onto the gas and drove home. 

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