I'm Trying To Be OK

Amber has worked hard to provide a great life for her little sister, Lily. When their father experiences a painful -and unexpected- death, their mother decides to choose a different life. Therefore, Amber is given no other choice other than to begin raising 3 year old Lily by herself at the age of just 16. Now Lily is going to be 5 years old and has become a big fan of One Direction, When Amber finally sets aside enough money to score tickets to a concert, the boys become very interested to know more about them. Their lives instantly change into something better than anything they could have ever imagined. Find out what happens throughout their journey of love, trust, risks, and happiness.


44. Rehab

AMBERS POV: I got home and dropped my keys on the table, while Lily went to play with some of her toys. I heard gagging in the bathroom, so I grabbed a hair tie and walked in. My mother sat there, hunched over the toilet, pale and tired from the intense hangover. I pulled her hair back into a ponytail and rubbed her back while she got the rest of it out. "This has to stop, mom." I told her, standing up and lending her a hand. She got up to her feet slowly and hugged me unexpectedly. She nodded, agreeing with me. I had hoped that she was as tired of this as I was. Then a brilliant idea popped into my head. "You need rehab." It wasn't really a question, or a suggestion. Just a random thought that came out of my mouth. She looked at me, puzzled, even though she knew I was right. "Maybe..." I began, getting another idea. "Hold on, I have to make a call. But uhm, go lay down. I'll be right there." She put her hand on her head and sighed, then went off to her room. I shut the door to the bathroom and sat at the edge of the tub, dialing Heather's phone number. 

"Hi Amber. I was just about to call you to see how everything went." she greeted. 

"Oh, it was great actually. Now he knows how i feel and we're already planning my flight out there." I said, with a giggle.

"That's wonderful!" she answered happily. "I can't wait to see you again to discuss all of my new ideas and thoughts."

Yeah, I'm really sorry that our lunch didn't exactly work out."

"Don't worry. It was definitely a good enough reason." She said, probably grinning. "So whats up girly?"

"I uh, wanted to talk to you about something important. Its just a thought, really, I figured maybe you'd be able to help."

"Anything. Shoot."

"My mother... she uhm, she's had a little bit of a drinking problem for a while. And since I'd probably be living with Zayn, I don't need you to pay rent for an apartment for me. So I was thinking maybe instead you can put the money towards something like a rehab session for her. If you don't want to, I swear you don't have to. It's just a suggestion."

"Oh I didn't know you were living with your mom again. I wouldn't dare split your family apart. If it means that your mother would get some real help, of course I'll do it." I smiled at her response, relieved at the thought of my mom being normal again. "I have to go, we can talk about this tomorrow at the office. Alright?"

"Sure. Thank you so much, Heather. You have no idea how grateful I am."

"No prob. Buh bye sweetie." I scurried over to my moms room, hoping that she'd listen to me about all of the amazing news I'd been receiving all day long. But, she was already half asleep. So I just laid beside her and rested my head on her shoulder. And to my surprise, she slipped her hand in mine and we sighed together, drifting into a sleep with non-stressful dreams. 

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