I'm Trying To Be OK

Amber has worked hard to provide a great life for her little sister, Lily. When their father experiences a painful -and unexpected- death, their mother decides to choose a different life. Therefore, Amber is given no other choice other than to begin raising 3 year old Lily by herself at the age of just 16. Now Lily is going to be 5 years old and has become a big fan of One Direction, When Amber finally sets aside enough money to score tickets to a concert, the boys become very interested to know more about them. Their lives instantly change into something better than anything they could have ever imagined. Find out what happens throughout their journey of love, trust, risks, and happiness.


12. Our First Kiss ~ I Want Mommy

That night, while everyone was asleep in their rooms, Zayn and I cleaned up. Louis had started popcorn fight while we watched a Disney movie. Lily picked out the movie, but couldn't stay awake long enough to finish watching it. Niall brought her to the guest room as the other boys got ready for bed. Once the mess was gone, Zayn turned off all of the lights and came towards me. He was taller than me by maybe 6 inches. He came so close that I felt his hot breath on my face. I smiled and stood on my tippy toes. He placed one hand gently on my waist and the other in the crook of my neck. "Are you gonna kiss me?" i asked, ruining the moment." I saw him smile in the dark. I giggled to cover up the awkwardness. 

"Maybe. ...Did you not want me to?" I moved my face closer to his so that our lips brushed against each other. I let out a little moan that almost sounded like another giggle, which wasn't too sexy. Then he carefully pressed his lips on mine. I smiled in the middle of the kiss, because well, I couldn't help myself. I tugged on his shirt and pulled him closer. Without breaking the kiss, I brought him into his bedroom and we fell onto his bed. He handled my body carefully, as if he were afraid of hurting me. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist as he nibbled on my neck. I closed my eyes in pleasure and hugged him. His breathing was soothing, unlike my jittery heavy breaths. He kissed my neck once more, then my jawline, then my lips. I pressed my forehead against his and sighed. Niall walked in and let out a small gasp. 

"Geez," he chuckled. "Sorry for interrupting but uh..." He brought Lily into the room by her hand. She had just been crying, I could tell because her nose was red and she sniffled continuously. Zayn quickly plopped onto the other side of the bed and I sat up to comfort her. "I think she had a nightmare. I don't know how you guys didn't hear her screaming. I heard it from all the way down the hall." Niall added, rubbing his eyes tiredly. I nodded at him and he returned to his room. I sat Lily on my lap and kissed her head. 

"I want mommy." she whispered. My heart stopped and my eyes were instantly filled with tears. I choked a little and hugged her tighter. Zayn had heard her say it, because he rubbed my back in attempt to make me feel better.

"Lay down." he whispered in my ear. He moved over to the far end of the bed after kissing my shoulder and I placed Lily beside him. I layed beside her and kissed her head again.

"Go to sleep babygirl." I told her, still thinking of what she'd said to me just a moment ago. When she closed her eyes and drifted off, I choked again on new tears.

"She's never said that before." I said and stared at the ceiling. Zayn stroked my hair, probably not knowing what else to do. 

"Get some sleep babe." He blew me a kiss and watched me until I closed my eyes. 

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