Is This Really Happening?

A story about a brunette from a small town in Texas. She was a very active teenager, always working in the schools theatre department, taking pictures for the photography staff, and managing 3 PreAP/AP classes. From the beginning she had had a crush on Harry Styles from 1D & thought she was imagining when her school director said they were coming to her school to show teach the musical theatre class a few things.


1. Stares & Giggles

Charlotte was your busy teenager, that almost never had time to sleep because her schedule was always filled with theatre, school work, and photography. She wasn't the prettiest, or thinnest either. In fact she was a bit overweight, had major split ends, huge feet, tiny hands and felt as if she was just awkward. She couldn't dance if her life depended on it, & she got really shy when people asked her to sing. People always laughed at her when she admitted to having a crush on Styles, they always said she never would have a chance. When her director told the musical theatre class that they would be expecting a visit from the popular british boy band , she was already anticipating the stares and giggles she would get from the other class mates.

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