Is This Really Happening?

A story about a brunette from a small town in Texas. She was a very active teenager, always working in the schools theatre department, taking pictures for the photography staff, and managing 3 PreAP/AP classes. From the beginning she had had a crush on Harry Styles from 1D & thought she was imagining when her school director said they were coming to her school to show teach the musical theatre class a few things.


2. Introducing Me

Charlotte's POV

It's been a week since Mrs. J our theatre director told us about the visit from One Direction. They were coming to help us with our spring musical. Auditions for the production were in a week and what made me really nervous was the fact the boys and Simon would be in the audition rooms listening in.


Liam's POV

We arrived in Dallas late last night and stayed in a hotel for the night. Early this morning me and the other guys got up and repacked to head to some small town to help with their musical. I think anymore Louis is the only one excited to help, since he's the only one that actually likes theatre. Ok, the truth is no one besides Louis really wants to do this. One, there will be fans at this school. Two, it's making us go back to school. Three, we have to get up early in the morning. Four, it's taking away time from our family. Five, it's not like we can date any of these girls. We're probably never going to see them in our entire life after this production. And they're WAY too young.


Mrs. J's POV

The boys have arrived in the green room about 30 minutes ago. Even though I've had multiple talks with the girls and one or two gay guys not to fan girl I'm almost positive someone is going to screech or ask for autographs. Whoever asks is getting there schedule changed as soon as something stupid slips out of their mouths. This is strictly for the best of the show, not for the guys to deal with annoying fans.


Charlotte's POV

Next periods our musical theatre class and I hate to say it but I really don't want to go. I just know I'm going to get made fun of for having a crush on Harry. Oh crap, there's the bell. Here we go...


Harry's POV

That annoying school bell that I thought I'd never have to hear again dings right in my ear as I'm sitting here with the rest of the crew in the tiny school's green room. Simon and the school's director are in her office just chatting away. I keep reminding myself in a few months all this will be over and I'll be back home in Holmes Chapel with my mum. Next thing I know is I've slipped off into daydreaming.


Niall's POV

"Haz snap out of it! We have to go introduce ourselves to the class."

I swear Harry is always daydreaming about something. Just no one ever knows about what. Not even Lou, and he's his best friend!

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