Is This Really Happening?

A story about a brunette from a small town in Texas. She was a very active teenager, always working in the schools theatre department, taking pictures for the photography staff, and managing 3 PreAP/AP classes. From the beginning she had had a crush on Harry Styles from 1D & thought she was imagining when her school director said they were coming to her school to show teach the musical theatre class a few things.


3. First Day of Class

Charlotte's POV

Once class started I immediately took a seat in the auditorium. I couldn't help but slump down in my chair towards the back. Suddenly I hear about 10 girls scream. I focus shoots towards the stage. There in the flesh in the 5 boys that have changed my life. And the 1 that I've fallen in love with. You can tell they're faking their smiles, well except Louis. Mrs. J hands him a mic and returns backstage.

"Hey everyone, I'm Louis Tomlinson. I'm looking forward to helping with this production." He passes the mic to Liam.

"Hello ladies and gents, I'm Liam Payne. We are very excited to get this show on the road." Liam passes the mic to Niall.

"Good morning, I'm Niall Horan." He hands the mic to Zayn and he just says his name then passes the mic on to Harry.

"Erm, I'm Harry Styles."

I wish I couldn't feel the stares at me from the others in class. I know my cheeks are red.

"And we're One Direction."

Harry passes the mic to Simon and he starts to explain what all the boys are there to help us with. I can't take the looks I'm getting anymore so I get up and go up side stage and go into the girls dressing room. I take 3 deep breaths and sit for a few minutes.


Harry's POV

I can already tell the next few months putting this musical on is going to be the longest in my entire life. Every ten seconds someones screaming. Hopefully the girls will get over it. I hate when girls scream, so do the guys.Simon and Mrs.J know this.

As Simon started talking I noticed a girl get up and walk backstage quietly. She seemed really embarrassed and shy.


Mrs. J's POV

The second the boys walked out on stage I heard the little spoiled brats scream. Chloe, Katie, Kaycie, Mackenzie, Makayla, Maryanna and Fallon are all getting a schedule change. I told them keep it quiet or get out. I went back out there as Simon was finishing his little talk, and Charlotte's gone.

"Chloe, Kaycie, Katie, Mackenzie, Makayla, Maryanna, and Fallon i need you to get these notes and go to the councilor right now. I warned you. I've already emailed her."

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