Is This Really Happening?

A story about a brunette from a small town in Texas. She was a very active teenager, always working in the schools theatre department, taking pictures for the photography staff, and managing 3 PreAP/AP classes. From the beginning she had had a crush on Harry Styles from 1D & thought she was imagining when her school director said they were coming to her school to show teach the musical theatre class a few things.


5. Chilling In The Green Room

Charlotte's POV

We sat there in silence. Not an awkward one,  a soothing silence. To know someone was there to talk to me was the absolute best feeling. Suddenly I heard the door open. In popped Mrs.Jordan's head. She said, "No boys allowed in here Char, you know that. If yall want to talk you two can go into the green room." I nodded, looked at Harry, and stood up. I followed Mrs. Jordan out of the girls dressing room while Harry followed me. I walked into the green room cautiously and sat down on the couch. I relaxed once Harry sat down on the couch right beside me.


Harry's POV

She was silent, you could tell this wasn't her first time being bullied by those girls. I still didnt understand why she was being made fun of anyway. Yes, she had a curvy figure, which I like. And she didnt wear all designer clothes like Prada, Chanel, or Gucci. But she has beautiful hazel eyes, and long flowy brown hair. Unfortunately I haven't seen her smile yet. I followed her into the school's green room and sat next to her. She seemed like a really sweet girl. Maybe this show won't be as bad...



Author's Note:Once they make updating stories on the iPhone app available, I will be updating periodically throughout the school day. Also leave me comments and get people to come read this! If you wanna follow me on Twitter, I'm @Rachdenise16 and @goN2marryHarry


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