What makes you beautiful

Megan tomlinson is the sister of Louis tomlinson. Louis wants Megan to come live with him and the guys. She doesn't want but her mom makes her. The reason Megan doesn't want to go is because Louis hadn't called her and she's upset. So will Megan forgive Louis? But the big question is will Megan fall for one of the guys or will one of Them fall for her....


1. Car ride to the airport

Megan's pov
But mom! Why do I have to go live with Louis? I ask my mom
We were have way to the airport where I was going to fly out and live with my brother Louis
Yes Louis Tomlinson of one direction. The problem I have with Louis is that he never called me while he was on tour. I mean I understand that he's busy and all but he forget to call me on my birthday and that hurt me.
Megan it's time you start being nice to Louis again. Stated my mom as we were exiting the freeway
Why should I be nice to the person who had ignored me and forgot my birthday I say
Megan, Louis would never forget your birthday said my mom
Yeah well lets see if he even reambered me I say
Now your just being silly said my mom pulling up to the drop of area
Now go or you'll miss your plane said my mom
Ok I say I get out of the car and get my suitcases from the trunk
Call me when you land said my mom
I will I say
Okay love you and try to get along with your brother
Love you too I say as I watch her car drive away...
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