Ounce upon a time...

The Straw Hat Pirates are looking for a new crewmate. There's a person on this island that Luffy feels fond of. But this person has a devil fruit power, and doesn't want to hurt anyone because of it. Will Luffy help the person on courage and to be apart of his crew? Will some emotions that Luffy and the mysterious person feel to each other? But what about some fighting, there's an enemy that wants something for this person. Will they get it, or get there asses wooped by Luffy's crew?


2. Land Ahoy!

There was a crew...

                                                       Luffy's Prov.

         I wake up from a four hour nap or so. I look around, there all up before me again. I smile, where going to dock soon, and that means food! I feel drool go down the side of my face, I'm so lost in dream world of food, that I don't notice Usopp calling me to get up.

         "Luffy! Get up! Where going to dock in a few minutes. We need your help with looking for a new crew mater, Nami wants." I snap out of my thoughts. Nami wants a new crew mate? Why, we already have anough people. What's missing? Wait! Aren't I suppose to pick who goes on our crew?!

         Chopper burts in saying we'ved docked. I jump and sprint towards the isalnd where on. When I get outside, I smile from ear to ear. "FOOD!!" I scream with my hands above my head like a victory pose.

         "Wait Luffy." Nami says. I turn and tilt my head to the left, for a why-do-I-have-to-wait expression. "Since you where asleep. I was wondering if we could get a new crew mate? Like a girl. There's only Nico and I and "we", well I mean "I" want another girl. There's to many guys on this ship." she explains.

         "What kind of person do we need?" I ask.

         "Well, we already have a sharp shooter, a cook, a swords man, a doctor, a navigator, and a archaeologist. We could use a look out?" Zoro answers. Zoro looks around, Luffy's gone and so is everybody eles. "Damn, why do I bother."

         "YAHOO! Food!" I scream. I have three whole tables of food, delicious. I start stuffing my face when I notice my crews gone. Oh well, I get back to eatting.

          BANG! The door flys off it's hinges. I don't notice since I'm lost in food wonderland. I hear whipering and some scurring under tabels. Maybe, it's the...I don't know, I give.

         "Look, we already payed your damn taxes!" the cook who seemed so neverous giving me food screams. I countinue eatting but I start to slow down to take a look at what's going on.

         "Oh, we know, but it seemes you are hidding some runaway from the boss."

         "I don't know what your talking about. So if you'd please leave-"

         "I don't give a damn for lies. Now tell me where the little bitch is! Or I'll kill everyone here." the man from what I hear says. I stop eatting and swollow, I even turn around and watch what's about to unfolled. It looks like an ugly/stinking from the looks of it, has a gun to the cooks head and what he say? He wants someone?

         "Oi! Why do you want a girl for? Why is she a killer or something?" I ask tiredly. I finished eatting, now I'm tired but I can't go to sleep when there's a man with a gun pointed to the cooks head.

         "Who the hell are you?" he points the gun at me. "You wanna die kid?"

         "Not really. I'm tired so if you could just tell me, or maybe I'll have to kick your ass."

          "Ha! Kick my ass. Your just a stupid ugly ass kid, who will die for saying he'll kick my ass." I only glare in return. I then suddently hear quiet footsteps going towards the back door. It seems like nobody eles hears it besides me.

         CRASH! A dozen of plates break with a person covered underneath. I turn towards the person and it looks like a 12 year old kid. I blink, there wearing a baggy hoodie and black pants. The clothes are WAY to big for such a thin body. The hood fell off so you can see the "kid" has waist long white hair with a bandage around there eyes.

        "Well, well. Look what I found. The damn hell of a brat!" he grabes her by the collar and lifts her off the ground, she's not moving or flinching when the gun goes against her skull. "I'm gonna turn you in to the Marines! Then I'll get my 45,000,000,000 reward!

        45,000,000,000 billion!! For such a small girl that looks like she's starving! Holy shit!

        "Nothing to say? Good!" he laughs evily then pulls the gun.


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