Ounce upon a time...

The Straw Hat Pirates are looking for a new crewmate. There's a person on this island that Luffy feels fond of. But this person has a devil fruit power, and doesn't want to hurt anyone because of it. Will Luffy help the person on courage and to be apart of his crew? Will some emotions that Luffy and the mysterious person feel to each other? But what about some fighting, there's an enemy that wants something for this person. Will they get it, or get there asses wooped by Luffy's crew?


1. About Night.

Once upon a time...

Night’s Prov.

         I scream, and hear running up the stairs, towards my room. I catch the time; 3:00 a.m. I take deep breaths and go to the bathroom across the hall. Damn it, I had a nightmare again. That’s like the third time this week. I hear my bedroom door open as I was about to grab it. It’s my 14 year old brother, Zone, standing there in only pajama pants. I groan, for two reasons. One, Zone was doing something naughty again. Two, my mask is breaking, I need to have better control.

         “Did Zone do something naughty again?” I smirk, and wonder what he’ll say this time. He blushes ten shades of red and frowns. I hit him upside the head and walk past him. Goodness, we share a room for gods sake and he thinks he can get secretive by doing things naughty in another room? Where twins! I know when he’s lying.

         “Wait!” I turn my head but keep my right hand on the bathroom door knob. “Are you ok? Did you have another nightmare again? If you did, should I be worried? That’s like the third on this week, isn’t it?" I nod and tell him I should be fine.

         I open the bathroom door and immediately close and lock it. I slide down the door and show pain on my face. I clench my jaw and bite my lip. I taste metal blood run freely down my chin and on my oversized shirt. I close my eyes and move my shaking hands to my hair. I yank and pull extremely hard, and try to calm myself and my mask.

         My nightmare, this one was the worst. He was trying to take control again, trying to kill me. I want to die, I have nothing to live for. I'm going to lose. He said I'm going to be killed by a pirate captain, that has a devil fruit. They'd pretend to be my friends then kill me off when there done with me. They'll cheer and sing while I lay there with a pool of blood surrounding my body.

         My body stops shaking from remembering the insanity. My eyes slowly open, as well as my body starts to move to get up. My heads down and I stand in front of the mirror, the perfect clean mirror. My fist clench and unclench. They wont kill me. I wont let him tell me whats going to come. He wont control me. I look up, my blood red crimson eyes and my waist long snowy white hair look at myself. I smile and evil smile.

         "My name is Night. I have the Nightmare devil fruit. It comes with a cost. I have nightmares everyday, or I must kill. So now, my mission, to kill the captain of the StrawHatPirates. Monkey D. Luffy."

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