Fight for our Love

Maddie is a 17 year old girl in love with the one and only Liam Payne from One Direction. She goes to the doctor and figures out she has cancer. She only has a few more months to live. With all her time she wants to spend with Liam and her family. If her family were alive. How will their love be? Will they fight till the end? What other surprises could their be? Just read to find out! My first movella. so please comment!


9. worst break up ever



I call my best friend Aubrey. "Hello?" she says. "AUBREY! I need you so bad right now!" i say sobbing. "Dont cry Madster where are you?" she asks. "Im outside of starbucks. i will meet you at your house k?" i say. "OK and babe it will be alright. love you!' she says. "Love ya too aubrey bye!" i say. i get a taxi and goo to aubreys small and cozy house. i ring the doorbell. "MADDIE!' She says and pulls me in for a hug. we go inside and i tell her everything... from me going to die to this fight... aubrey started sobbing when i said i dont have a long time to live. "THAT WORTHLESS TRASH!! YOU ARE NEVER GETTING BACK WITH THAT DURPHEAD!" She says. i laugh. "Can i spend the night?" i ask. "Dont even ask!" she says. we cook lasanga and bake cookies and have a food fight. just when we were cleaning up the door rang. aubrey went to the bathroom so i went to get it. i opened it to find liam standing there. "So you are here..." he says. "HOW DID YOU FIND ME?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" I scream. "When i didnt see you at your place i went here.. look Maddie i think we should break up." he says. "w-what?" i ask. "Things arent going well and well i dont know.." he says. "is this for real this time?" i say tears forming in my eyes. dont cry maddie please. "Yah..." he says. anger fills me. that butt i only have a few more months to live and he wants to make it worse for me... I HATE HIM! "UGH I HATE YOU LIAM PAYNE! YOU REALLY ARE A PAYNE!" I say falling to the ground sobbing not caring that he was standing in front of me. Aubrey comes out and sees me and then Liam. "So you had the guts to come here after ruining her life?" she says. i keep crying. she walks out the door and shuts the front door. i can hear her screaming at Liam and i smile she is a great friend. i open the door and see them having a make out session. "W-what is going on?" i ask. they split. "maddie it isnt what it looks like." Aubrey said. "No it is! I cant believe you! IM just done! im done done done! im going" i yell and walk out the porch and walk all the way home. 

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