Fight for our Love

Maddie is a 17 year old girl in love with the one and only Liam Payne from One Direction. She goes to the doctor and figures out she has cancer. She only has a few more months to live. With all her time she wants to spend with Liam and her family. If her family were alive. How will their love be? Will they fight till the end? What other surprises could their be? Just read to find out! My first movella. so please comment!


1. Our Love

The best day of my life was the day that i met my love of my life. Liam Payne. No I don't only love him because he is One Direction. He is sweet,calm and caring. Sure he is serious and a braniac but that doesnt mean i cant love him. We met at our favorite cafe. Burkley Cafe. He was getting a coffee and I -being clumsy- bumped into him and spilled my coffee all over him. Ya it was awkward. He still won't let me forget about that... But after that we started dating and we are totally happy right now. Well we were. I saw a picture of him with another girl on Facebook. Kissing. He is on tour right now and he won't answer my calls or texts. He posted the picture a few days ago. I don't know what it means. But i feel sick. I don't know what is happening to me. But me being a smoker and having asthma. I am probably just getting an asthma attack. I keep puffing my mouth with my inhaler. OOH I JUST FORGOT! LIAM IS COMING BACK TOMORROW! Wait till he gets yelled at by me. I need to figure out what that picture means! He wouldn't cheat, he loves me too much. He is not a cheating type.... I hope. We have been dating for a few months. So I am pretty sure he won't cheat. UGH! This is making my brain hurt. I just need to take a rest. A nice long rest.... 

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