Fight for our Love

Maddie is a 17 year old girl in love with the one and only Liam Payne from One Direction. She goes to the doctor and figures out she has cancer. She only has a few more months to live. With all her time she wants to spend with Liam and her family. If her family were alive. How will their love be? Will they fight till the end? What other surprises could their be? Just read to find out! My first movella. so please comment!


6. Just go with it

I feel someone touch my back and i turn around. Its Liam. "Shh... love its ok..." he says. "ITS NOT OKAY!" I snap at him. He looks at me shocked and hurt. "I HAVE CANCER! MY FAMILY THAT I GREW UP WITH IS DEAD! IM GONNA LOSE YOU! IM GONNA LOSE MY BEST FRIENDS! IM GONNA LOSE EVERYTHING CAUSE IM GONNA DIE!" I yell. He stares at me and starts to cry. "Dont ever talk like that. You are NOT GOING TO LOSE ME!" Liam says. "I am Liam i am gonna die..." I say. "Didnt you say that you wanted to live your last few months happily? Where is the girl with sass and spunk gone? Cause i want her back." Liam says and stares at me. "Shes gone Liam.. She isnt coming back. Your just gonna have to go with it. OK? JUST GO WITH IT!" I say. "Well untill that girls back... Dont talk to me." he says and stomps away. I stand there shocked and astonished speechless angry hurt upset. HOW DARE HE SAYS THAT TO A GIRL WITH CANCER! I SCREAM. Then cry. then sit. then wait and wait and wait for that girl to come back. But i dont feel that girl.. i feel different. I feel trapped in a world that im gonna leave sometime. I feel uncured i feel unspecial. I feel Hurt. I go back to my new home. The boys are all watching a movie. I sit awkwardly next to Harry and he puts his arm around my waist. I see Liam give him a dirty look and i smirk. Hes jealous. He still wants me. And im gonna make him regret saying that to me. I look at harry and then kiss him. "whoa.." he says. I grin at him. He smiles and then kisses me back. "Im gonna go.."Liam says and walks out and slams the door. I see Zayn follow him and i let go of Harry and eavesdrop on their conversation.

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