Fight for our Love

Maddie is a 17 year old girl in love with the one and only Liam Payne from One Direction. She goes to the doctor and figures out she has cancer. She only has a few more months to live. With all her time she wants to spend with Liam and her family. If her family were alive. How will their love be? Will they fight till the end? What other surprises could their be? Just read to find out! My first movella. so please comment!


4. Breaking The News


The doctor says,"She's awake. You boys can come see her. We just finished the tests." We all rush in and she sits there weak and pale. "Was it an asthma attack?" Maddie and I both ask at the same time. "No it was a...



"No.. it was a well it seems to be that Maddie has lung cancer..." the doctor blurts out. I stare in shock then start bawling. I look at Liam and he is crying too. "Is there anything to do to cure it?" Zayn asks. "Unfortunately.. No. Fortunately you dont have all the side effects. Like you dont have to shave your head and a few others i will print out for you." the doctor says in the most casual voice. I wasn't going to live for a long time. I start to bawl. Liam's face is covered in tears and i even see the boys crying. "Can't they do surgery? And fix it?" Louis asks. "We can try but most chances are that she will die during the surgery. If she doesn't do surgery she can live for a few months. I can tell you the exact day if you want." the doctor says. "Yes tell-" Liam starts but i cut him off. "NO! dont.." I say. "Why not?" Liam says his face soaked with tears. "Because the closer we get to the day i die then the sadder we will get. But if we dont't then at least then.. we will live every last day together happily. We know i am going to live a few months. I just dont wanna know the day or exactly when." I say. I say it through tears. Liam just nods. The doctor says ok and that he will be right back. We all just stand there, crying in misery. And in pain. 


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