Fight for our Love

Maddie is a 17 year old girl in love with the one and only Liam Payne from One Direction. She goes to the doctor and figures out she has cancer. She only has a few more months to live. With all her time she wants to spend with Liam and her family. If her family were alive. How will their love be? Will they fight till the end? What other surprises could their be? Just read to find out! My first movella. so please comment!


3. Asthma Attack?


She starts to cough super hard. "You ok?" I ask. She tries nodding. I pull her down so she is sitting. She starts breathing hardly and is panting then she blacks out. "HARRY SOMEONE! CALL THE AMBULANCE!" I yell. What was happening? Niall calls the hospital and in 15 minutes they are here. I start crying and bawling and wailing like i never have. Zayn comes to comfort me. "Its ok man. She will be alright." Zayn says. Louis tries to cheer me up by saying,"If she dies at least you get your spare room back!" Of course that makes me cry harder. "Louis shut up! Your not helping." Zayn says. "I was just trying to help..." Louis says. "IMM HUNGRRYY!"Niall whines. "Niall can't you see this isn't a time to eat?"  Zayn argues. "Any time is a time to eat." Niall says. They all argue. I stand up and run away. I go to my car and drive to the hospital. To Maddie. To my love. To my life. To my everything. When I get there i ask for Maddie Hemsrose and they lead me to her room. "What happened to her? Was it an asthma attack?" I ask. "It might be. We need to take some tests. You may go wait in the waiting room." the doctor says. I nod and wait. I see the boys come in and Niall with nandos. Zayn looks annoyed, harry looks ready for anything, Louis looks happy and Niall looks hungry. Like always. Zayn sits next to me and mutters under his breath,"I dont get Niall sometimes." Of course Niall is too much into his food to answer. It makes me smile a little. I keep wondering if it was an asthma attack. I ask Zayn that. "I don't know man.. It might be. Just hope for her to be ok." he says. I nod. Zayn always knows me. Just then the doctor comes out. 

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