My Mistake

Ireland Rowlins is a pathological robber. She hits a music store, and is almost caught in the process. By the store owners son. She is drawn to him, and leaves the store empty handed. Since her mistake, she's been going back and forth, between deciding to turn herself in and ending her reign, and hiding the past she is willing to put behind her.


4. Temptation

The next morning, I knew I had to go back to the store.

I quickly got dressed and went down to the kitchen where my mother was making breakfast.

"Where's the fire," she joked as I rushed past her. I glared at her silently.

"I'll be back later," I muttered. "Don't wait up." I made a lunge for the door, but my mother stood in front of it.

"No child of mine leaves the house without eating," she said, firmly. I glared at her again. I grabbed a granola bar and took a bite of it.

"Happy?" I demanded, chewing on the bar. She sighed and stepped away from the door. "Now I understand why Kennedy left," I muttered, acidicly, knowing I'd strike a nerve. "This and our lame names." I heard my mother suck in a quick breathe in an attempt to calm herself.

"Ireland," she started, sharply. But I left, chucking the rest of the granola bar into the trash, and without letting her finish her phrase.

As I drove away in my car, I asked myself Why are you going back? As a general rule of thumb, the criminal never goes back to the scene of the crime if it is a failed mission. I sighed and pushed on the gas pedal in frustration, coaxing more speed out of my 2008 Dodge Charger.

When I reached the mall, I immediately made a beeline for Strings and Things. I gave myself a quick once-over. My Henley shirt and jeans; it looked casually acceptable. I sighed and went straight for the guitars. I spotted Hayden.

"Hayden?" I asked, feigning interest. He jumped, startled.

"Hey!" He said happily. Then he got this look on his face, like he was afraid that I was going to bite him.

"So you do remember me," I flirted, touching his arm briefly. "Listen," I said, leaning into him. "You were saying that there's someone that I should meet about guitars." Hayden nodded eagerly.

"Yeah, Rory," he said. "He understands everything about guitars." I squeezed his forearm muscle.

"Is he here right now?" I stared into Hayden's eyes, almost daring him to look away.

"Yeah," Hayden breathed. "I'll get him for you." I patted his arm affectionately.

"Thank you, Hayden!" I said, satisfied. "You're such a doll!" He looked at me affectionately and left into the back. I almost snorted. Guys are so easy to play.

Hayden came back less than a minute later. The boy that he came back with was the same boy as last night. Now, I got a good look at him. His long, curly brown hair nearly reached his shoulders. His nose was sprayed with freckles and he had brown-hazel eyes. I quickly sucked in a breathe, inhaling his scent; it smelled kind of like Kool-Aid.

"Here's Rory for you," Hayden said, looking at me like a lovesick puppy.

"How can I help you?" Rory asked, his eyes shining. He had the Strings and Things workers polo and a pair of jeans; probably Diesel.

"I was looking to see if I could get lessons," I blurted. I had anticipated coming this far in my plan, but I never planned for what I would do afterwards. Rory studied me for a bit; I saw him give me a once-over before looking me in the eyes.

"What level of play are you?" he asked, rubbing his wrists; probably unconsciously.

"I'm kind of mediocre," I said. "I can play some things, but I can't play my all time favorite song."

"And that is?" Rory asked, looking somewhat amused.

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps," I said, enunciating every syllable, sending each word punching straight into his gut. "By the Beatles?" I said it like a question to sound innocent. He recognized that song. I noticed his jaw drop slightly in disbelief, as did Hayden's.

"No way!" Rory exclaimed, delightedly. "That's my favorite too!" I smiled at him.

"Looks like we have something in common," I flirted. He smirked back.

"When do you want to start?" He asked, his eyes twinkling.

I shrugged at him. "Don't care," I said. I pulled my emergency Sharpie from my back pocket. I boldly grabbed his hand and scribbled my number into his palm. "Normally, this would come with a cheesy pick-up line, but I'm sparing you the time." I joked.

"Now I want to hear it," Rory said, grabbing my wrist. I flirtatiously grinned at him and leaned in close to him.

"It's disappearing ink," I whispered into his ear. "Call it before midnight, or it will never work again."

"I like it," Rory whispered back, his voice husky. "Guess I'll call you soon."

"I'm counting on it." Before I could change my mind, I quickly pecked his cheek. Then I blew a kiss to Hayden. I walked away, flipping my hair, feeling satisfied.

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