1. liam meets his dream girl


today is the day u and ur friend shelby are goin to see one direction she is siked she lovees zayn but liam is ur fav. so you head to the concert and you see niall and you smile and wave he walks over to you 2 and hand you backstage passes

sarah: thanks niall

niall: ur welcome

shelby: hey will zayn be there?

niall: of course duh lol

sarah : see you later

niall: bye

ok so you go to the concert and its like 2 hours before you get out and then u go back stage the bodygaurds are waiting for you liam is behind u and all the sudden runs up and tickles you from behind and carrys you to the room where all the boys are

all the boys expet for liam: hey sarah

niall looks at liam and mouths something and you just stare off until ...

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