3. AWW

liam and you have been goin out for 3 months know and shelby and zayn have fallen in love when ur on tour you see your friend cami she is a carrot lover louis wants a gurl sooo bad (in this fanfic none of the guys have girlfrineds no hate just a fanfic i love and admire eleanor and perrie ) so you see ur friend cami and louis sees her and falls in love

louis's p.o.v

cami's like an angel ive fallen in love i just dont want her to get hurt i WILL protect her.

end of louis's p.o.v

liam's p.o.v

sarah's beauty is no match for mine i dont desreve someone as beautiful as her i want her to know tht i love her

louis:hey whassup

liam: nm just thinkin about takenin sarah out to eat for our 4 month annaverisy but i want her 2 know more than that i dont know what do 2 do other than tht

louis: whats her fav thing to do?

liam: she really likes to sing and she is really really good and simon told me tht she could probaly if she wants to sing in one of our shows with us

louis: really i think u should tell her to come meet the fans tomorrw and before she comes out have her put sound proof headphones and tell the crowd to ask her to sing for them

liam: OMN tht is a fabulouis idea

louis: thnxs i always have good ideas



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