Begin Again (1D Love Story)

Emily Hart is your normal 18 year old girl,except the fact that Liam Payne is her cousin and she lives with him. She also is a dancer and has been wanting to get into a school for dance since she was 3.What will happen when Harry Styles becomes her every thing from one kiss.And what happens when some one else wants Emily to who will be with her in the end. Also all love does is break,burn and end to Emily.Who could change her mind and show her love so it can begin again


27. The Best Day

Emily's dream is going to be in italics by the way so enjoy Xxx

When we got to the hotel I had my own room which was next to Liam's.Since we were all exhausted from the flight we all went to sleep.Snuggling into my blankets I quickly fell asleep. "Mum wake up."a little voice said jumping on me.I opened my eyes to see a small little girl with dark curly hair and green eyes. "Mum's up now Darcy you can stop jumping on her."Harry said laughing. "Sorry daddy."she said smilling a dimple showin on her left cheek.I had woken up to a pounding on my door.Getting out of bed I seen all the boys dressed and staring at me. "Why aren't you up yet Em?Your mother is expecting you in twenty minutes."Liam said. "Sorry I was having an awesome dream and I didn't want to wake up."I said smiling thinking of little Darcy in my dream. "You had sex with Harry in your dream?"Louis yelled. "No.I'm going to get dressed."I said blushing closing the door.Once I was dressed,my teeth and hair brush I quickly put on some make up and did my hair in a fish tale braid. "Being late to meet you mum for the first time lovely."Liam said under his breath. "Well sorry and aren't you guys going to be late for rehersal?"I asked crossing my arms. "No we have it later and we thought we should go with you to meet your mum."he said. I shook my head "Maybe next time.Bye guys."I waved to them and kissed Harry's cheek.There was a car already out there waiting for me.It took about fifteen minutes and I was already at the cafe where I was supposed to meet my mum. "Emily."a women asked from behind me. I turned around to see a beautiful women with dark brown curly hair and hazel eyes like mine. "Yeah."I said. "I'm your mom."she said smiling at me.Tears grew in my eyes and I ran into her arms. "I've missed you so much."she said kissing the top of my head. "I've missed you to."I told her.We ate lunch together and talked about things she missed out on. "Do you have a boyfriend right now?"she asked smirking. "I do.He's so sweet I think you will love him."I told her taking a sip of my tea. "I bet your father will as well and your sisters."she said. "How many sisters do I have?"I asked. "Three.Victoria who's 15,Aubrey who's 10 and then theres Katherine that's 4."she said smiling and taking out her phone showing me the pictures of them. "They are so cute."I smiled. She nodded "They look like you."she told me. I bit my lip "When do I get to meet them?" She thought  about it "How about you bring your boyfriend over for dinner tomorrow at seven and then you can meet them."she asked. "Remember call me tomorrow or when ever even tonight.It was great getting to see you baby girl."my mom said hugging me. "You to mum."I said kissing her cheek and getting into the car.This was really the best day ever since I met Harry.

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