Begin Again (1D Love Story)

Emily Hart is your normal 18 year old girl,except the fact that Liam Payne is her cousin and she lives with him. She also is a dancer and has been wanting to get into a school for dance since she was 3.What will happen when Harry Styles becomes her every thing from one kiss.And what happens when some one else wants Emily to who will be with her in the end. Also all love does is break,burn and end to Emily.Who could change her mind and show her love so it can begin again


15. Red

We had spent over an hour at the ice cream shop talking and just really getting every thing off our chests.Carly had just walked in with two other girls,of course since I hadn't seen my best friend in forever I walked over to her so I could talk to her. "Hey Carly."I said smiling. "Emily."she said. "How have you been?"I asked smilng. "Good hows whoring around?"she asked while her friends giggled. "I'm not whoring around."I said. She rolled her eyes "Going from Harry to Niall and back to Harry is whoring around."she sighed. How could my best friend say all this stuff about me. "Your just the same as I remember Emily."the blonde said "A nerd and whoring around who knew that was a good mix."she laughed. "I'm not a whore."I said looking at my feet it felt like I was back in school getting picked on again. "Denial honey isn't good."Carly smirked "This is why I stopped talking to you and it was a damn good decsion." What kind of best friend was she?Shaking my head at her I walked back over to Harry. "Can we leave?"I asked. "Sure."he said  taking my hand as we walked to his car. "What happend back there is every thing okay?"he asked. I nodded "Of course." It was silent until we got to Liams flat where he turned and looked at me "Emily can there be an us again I miss you."Harry said. I shook my head "How about we stay friends for a while."I suggested and he didn't reply so I walked inside. Once inside I went to my bedroom and fell onto my bed.Sure I missed Harry but he gave me so many wrong messages I didn't know any more.I memorized him so easily what he did to me it was like memorizing my favorite song or the back of my hand thats how well I knew him.It was ten and still nothing to do so I just put in a movie and fell asleep.Since today was now Friday that ment I had a date with Niall tomorrow and I was so excited.When I woke up I had a huge smile on my face since I knew I had a date tomorrow with an amazing boy.I took a shower and got dressed into some old jeans and a blouse Liam had bought me for my birthday last year. "Don't you look nice."Liam said smiling. "Thanks."I said sarcastically. "Not that you don't always but it seems your trying to impress some one."he smirked. I shook my head "No of course not."I laughed. "I don't believe it,hey Niall called me last night and said he won't be able to take you to the concert tomorrow."he said taking a sip of his water.My heart broke a little "Why does every one makes plans for a first date then bail?"I asked "Is there something wrong with me?" Liam walked over to me and hugged me "Of course not Emily guys are just jerks thats why you don't need to date you can live with me forever."he said bringing a smile to my face. "I'm not living with you forever."I said pushing him away laughing. "The guys are coming over for dinner your okay with that right?"Liam asked. "Sure."I answered. "I'm going to the store care to come with me?"he said. I nodded and we went to the store.While trying to find something to listen to on the radio Liam plugged his ipod in and handed it to me. "Pick a song."Liam said. I scrolled through the artists and found Taylor Swift. Somedays I worried about that boy mostly like why would he have Taylor Swift but her music is catchy and awesome.He had her new song called Red on it and I played it.It felt like she put my feelings into a song of course every girl felt that way and thats probably why most females relate to her songs.On our way to the store we had passed the bookstore Harry took me to and the memory came back to me.We had been having a good day until Caroline had showed up.Then we had passed the resturant that made more memories come back and these weren't the best.We had fought that day and it made me not like dating him then.All these memories had came back at the wrong time I wasn't ready for them to come back at all.Sure I remember him and me together but they came back as little flashbacks and echos nothing to big like this.

When Liam and I got home we started to make dinner and all the guys started to show up.Niall was keeping his distance from me which I thought was odd and Harry was just acting as if I wasn't there.The awkward part came when we ate I had to sit in between Harry and Niall. "Em want to go to a concert with me this weekend?"Louis asked. "Depends."I said. "It's Cher Lloyd I heard you wanted to go and I figured it could make up for the time I made you cry."he shrugged. "It makes up for part of it."I joked. "Alright then but Eleanor can't come because she has to study but I thought we could bond like brother and sister except we'll be friends."he said making me laugh. "You are such a dork Louis."I said shaking my head. "Thats why every one loves me and your to nice to people I mean even if they break a date or your heart you just don't really hate them.You shrug it off and go all well guess I learned a lesson"he said. "Yup well I mean I also have my Taylor Swift songs to right that explain how I feel."I smiled. "I feel shes taking over you Emily."Zayn joked. "Eh not really."I shrugged and put my plate in the sink "I'll be up in my room." I had been up in my room for an hour when there was a light knock on my door. "Hey Em so your plans got cancled again but on the bright side you do get to go to a concert ours."Liam said smiling. "How awesome."I said. "It'll be fun."he said. "Yeah Em it'll be fun so much fun."Louis said walking into my room. Liam shook his head at Louis "Want to come watch a movie with us?"he asked and I nodded.My eyes landed on Harry when I walked to the livingroom.Why did he have to be so perfect looking.When he looked up at me he looked me in the eyes and I seen everything that had happened with us.From the first kiss to the last goodbye as a couple.All these emotions had just now hit me and loving him stuck out the most and what color sticks out the most RED.Loving him was red while missing him was just miserable and grey.With him I never knew any thing like missing some one when we broke up until he came along.It's time to let go of us and move on I had told myself.Maybe I should focus on Niall now. "Niall can I talk to you for a minute?"I asked and he nodded.We walked outside and stood infront of each other his blue eyes looking beautiful since the sun was just setting. "Why are you being so distant?"I asked. He sighed "I thought you liked me but I was wrong way wrong when yesterday I seen a picture of you and Harry holding hands and on a date."he answered. "Niall I wasn't on a date with him all I did was cheer him up like Liam use to cheer me up and that was to take me out for ice cream."I smiled. "I feel so stupid now."he said. "Your not trust me fans and media make things seem way different then what they are.I promise I only like you."I told him grabbing his hand and looking into his eyes. "I know,I'm sorry Emily."he said hugging me tight and kissing my cheek.We walked back into the house and took a seat on the couch while Liam and Louis argued over what movie to watch.I rolled my eyes and set my head on Nialls shoulder. So many feelings come to people but love sticks out the most like the color red.Thats always been how I felt about love you might think different but its true.

So what did you think let me know lovlies sorry it was sort of late I had spanish homework I had to do.But I hope this chapter was good.

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