Begin Again (1D Love Story)

Emily Hart is your normal 18 year old girl,except the fact that Liam Payne is her cousin and she lives with him. She also is a dancer and has been wanting to get into a school for dance since she was 3.What will happen when Harry Styles becomes her every thing from one kiss.And what happens when some one else wants Emily to who will be with her in the end. Also all love does is break,burn and end to Emily.Who could change her mind and show her love so it can begin again


4. Kiss Me

(Harry's P.O.V)

"Did I really screw up?"I asked my sister Gemma since I called her to ask what I should do. She laughed "Big time,like the biggest screw up you have ever done. I mean really Harry you ask the girl out,stand her up then she sees you kiss another girl."Gemma said. "Thanks for going over everything again."I said sarcastically. "Do you want my advise or not?"she asked annoyed. I smiled "Of course." She laughed again "Good so all you have to do is show her you want her.But don't go overboard make little hints about it."she said. "Thanks well I'm going to go now."I said then hung up. I got a text from Niall saying all of us where going out tonight and Emily was coming to. That made me want to go more then any thing.

(Emily's P.O.V)

"Why do I have to go again?"I asked as I got into the car. "Because you promised next time Danielle invited you out,you would go."Liam answered me. I sighed pulling out my phone and checking the time. Most of the night I sat in the cornor of the club and texted Carly. I looked across the room to see Niall talking to Harry who was with the same girl from yesterday. After seeing that I really needed something to drink,and what better person to tell me what I should get then Niall right? Putting on some lipgloss I walked over to him and put a smile on my face. My dress was honestly way to short and these heels hurt my feet but I looked cute I guess. Harry's eyes got big when he seen me and scaned me over more then once. Before I could ask Niall to come with him,he asked me to come with him to get a drink. After two drinks I was feeling pretty dizy and weird. I never drank before so I didn't know what to expect. "Maybe this is why Liam never let you drink before."Niall laughed as I clung to him so I wouldn't fall. "I think so."I answered. "Em are you alright?"Harry asked looking concerned. "Harry she's fine see that's why little girls don't need to drink."the girl who I seen him with yesterday said rolling her eyes. I was getting annoyed with her and she's only been near me for like a few seconds. "Your such a bitch."I blurted out. "And you are a slut."she laughed. "You are so fake Barbie is honestly jealous of you."I said to her.A few minutes later Niall was pulling me over to Liam while laughing. "I love this girl when she's drunk."he told Liam. Liam looked at Niall like he was ready to kill him "Niall I told you not to let her drink."he shouted at him. "Liam I'm a grown up okay. I'm not a damn six year old."I screamed at him then left the club. When I walked out of the doors it was pouring down rain. "Emily your going to get sick."Harry said handing me his jacket. "Thanks."I said tears where now falling. "What happened?"he asked. "I yelled at Liam and I feel bad about it."I told him. He didn't give me any warning he just pulled me into a hug "You should stay the night,I need to talk to you any way." I just nodded and we walked to his car where he opened up the door for me. The drive to his flat was silent. Once in his flat he gave me a change of clothes and I texted Liam to tell him I wouldn't be coming home tonight. "What did you want to talk about?"I asked Harry sitting next to him on the couch. "I feel so bad about what happened honestly I wanted to tell Jade I didn't want to see her any more because I found the perfect girl for me,but she started to cry and I didn't want to leave her like that."he said. I nodded "Well you where really nice for that."I told him smiling. "I was but I feel so bad for missing our date. And being nice to her doesn't make up for what I did to you."he said grabbing my hand. I felt my self blush as I relised I was looking at his lips. He smiled "You look so cute when you blush."he said. I blushed even more and wanted nothing more then for him to kiss me right now. "Whats wrong love?"he asked. Before I could stop my self I said "Kiss me." and he did.

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