Begin Again (1D Love Story)

Emily Hart is your normal 18 year old girl,except the fact that Liam Payne is her cousin and she lives with him. She also is a dancer and has been wanting to get into a school for dance since she was 3.What will happen when Harry Styles becomes her every thing from one kiss.And what happens when some one else wants Emily to who will be with her in the end. Also all love does is break,burn and end to Emily.Who could change her mind and show her love so it can begin again


23. I Knew You Were Trouble Pt 1.

"I made a horrible mistake."I sobbed into my phone."There isn't an us any more maybe that's why I'm so upset all the time.But I miss you alot and regret not giving you another chance.I'm trying to move on but it's so hard,your the only one I want Haz.I still love you so please call me back."I said and tossed my phone on the bed.Packing my bag I checked out of my hotel then drove to the airport.The flight home felt like it took a million years to get there but when I got to the airport Louis was there with Eleanor. "Em I missed you."Eleanor yelled hugging me. "I missed you to.I'm not leaving ever again."I said. "Until college starts."Louis said ruining the moment. "Oh yeah until college starts."I said hugging him next. "Well when that time comes we will worry about it.Until then we are going out to dinner at the same place you met all of us."Eleanor said looping our arms together. "Why?"I asked. "Because it's the last time we are all going to be together like that.I mean you leave in less then a month."she shrugged.They took me back to Liam's flat where I took a shower and got dressed then we lef to go to dinner. "Em,I missed you.How was your trip?"Liam asked hugging me when he seen me. "Good but I think I like being here better.Where is every one else?"I asked after I hugged Danielle and Zayn. "Josh,Harry and Niall are on their way."he said. "This is really weird I mean I'm sitting where I was when I met you lot."I said smiling. "Yeah and you still love us."Louis said. I shrugged "Not all of you."I said. "Well then."he said looking away. "I'm kidding Louis,I love all of you guys."I said.Josh and Niall showed up a few minutes later together like last time and that left Harry who was running late. "Long time no see Emily."Josh said hugging me tight. "I know I feel like I haven't seen you in forever."I smiled and turned to Niall who was looking away from me. "Hi Niall."I said. "Emily."he said nodding at me.I rolled my eyes and sat back down next to Josh and Danielle.Ten minutes later Harry showed up and it reminded me of the first time I knew he was trouble when he walked in but I still liked him any way.After awhile Eleanor asked "What where your first impressions of us Em?" I smiled"El you where sweet same for Danielle.Louis was weird but I knew I'd love him any way.Zayn was just quiet and I knew I could break him out of his shell which is still a work in progress."I said earning laughter. "Niall was carefree,Josh was sweet,funny and just loved to talk about me.And Harry I knew he was trouble when he walked in but I still was attracted to him."I blushed. 

Danielle,Louis and Eleanor had left and every one else was talking.I was thankful so I could go outside to get some air. "Em I got your message."Harry said standing beside me. "Really?"I asked and he nodded. "I never want to hear you cry like that again.It hurt me to listen to that and relize you might have a chance with that other guy James.I want to be the one who kisses you Emily,makes you smile and laugh not him or any one else.Can we please try one more time and thats it."he asked with pleading eyes. I nodded and he wrapped me in a hug then kissed my lips.

(3rd person P.O.V)

When Emily left Niall seached for her with wondering eyes and didn't find her and seen Harry was gone as well.His heart hurt a little bit knowing Harry had gotten to her first. "Mate just go say sorry."Josh told him. "No it's to late Harry got to her before me."he sighed. "Thats the thing with you Niall.Your supposidly the carefree mofo,so go prove it."he said pushing him toward the exit.The next thing Niall seen broke his heart he seen Emily kissing Harry. "That's how she probably felt when you ditched her for Demi."Zayn said from behind him."I never kissed her."he said annoyed. "Yeah but it was just as bad."he said shaking his head.

Part two will be up after I get home from my choir concert later that night.What did you think of this chapter the whole I knew you where trouble when you walked in came from a line of Taylor Swift's new song I knew you where trouble.Love that song so if you have time listen to it because it will explain the next part Xxx

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