Begin Again (1D Love Story)

Emily Hart is your normal 18 year old girl,except the fact that Liam Payne is her cousin and she lives with him. She also is a dancer and has been wanting to get into a school for dance since she was 3.What will happen when Harry Styles becomes her every thing from one kiss.And what happens when some one else wants Emily to who will be with her in the end. Also all love does is break,burn and end to Emily.Who could change her mind and show her love so it can begin again


13. Dream Come True

"Liam,Liam"I said hitting his arm as I watched the TV. "What."he asked annoyed. "Cher Lloyd is having a concert this Saturday take me to see her please."I begged. "I can't I'm going on a date with Danielle."he replied. I sighed and glared at him "What ever." "I'll take you Em."Niall said. Smiling at him I started jumping up and down because I was so excited. "Really?"I asked. He nodded "Yeah really I have nothing to do any way so why not spend it with you."he said. All I did was hug him tight "You are the best." I turned to tell Liam something when I seen he left probably to hang out with Danielle.That's all hes been doing lately is hanging out with her. "Guess it's just us."Niall said blushing. "You look cute when you blush."I said with out thinking and blushed my self. "So don't you.Well I have to go see you later Em."he said kissing my cheek.For the rest of the day I was home alone until one in the morning when Liam came home.After that I changed into some sweatpants one of Liam's shirts and put my hair in a messy bun once I washed my make up off my face. "I love you Emily you are the best little cousin ever."Liam said hugging me. "There is something wrong with you."I replied before going to bed. When I woke up I had woken up in a not so nice way I mean who want's to hear five obnoxious boys while you where having the best dream ever not me.I walked out to the living room with arms crossed and an annoyed look on my face."Look princess Emily has awaken."Louis joked. "Yeah she has and is very annoyed."I replied. "Sorry Emily."Liam said smiling. "What was so funny any way?"I asked. "Nothing really just that we think it's funny when you speak your mind when your drunk."he said shaking his head. My phone rang and I ran to answer it. "Hello."I said panting from running. "Is this Emily Hart."the person asked. "Yes whos this?"I asked. "Right sorry it's Justin Bieber,I need some one for my new music video and I called Niall since he knows a lot of good dancers and he gave me your number."he explained. I was speechless Niall knew how much I would have died to be in a music video and Justin Biebers. "I would love to be in your music video after all it is a dream come true."I laughed. "Great I'll call you later since I have a date bye Emily."he said. "Bye."I said and hung up the phone.That's when I started to fan girl and scream really loud then I went back down to the livingroom. "Niall Horan I love you."I said hugging him. "Why?"he asked. "Well a certain Justin Bieber called me asking me if I wanted to be in his music video and said you told him about me."I explained. He blushd "Well you said you always wanted to be in his music video."he said smiling the next thing I knew I kissed him and didn't regret it.

How sweet was that what Niall did and Emily kissed him I think I'm happy with this chapter. Nemily seem like a cute couple already even though they aren't dating right?



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