Begin Again (1D Love Story)

Emily Hart is your normal 18 year old girl,except the fact that Liam Payne is her cousin and she lives with him. She also is a dancer and has been wanting to get into a school for dance since she was 3.What will happen when Harry Styles becomes her every thing from one kiss.And what happens when some one else wants Emily to who will be with her in the end. Also all love does is break,burn and end to Emily.Who could change her mind and show her love so it can begin again


20. Bad To Good

(Harry's P.O.V)

I couldn't believe the phone call that just happend all I wanted to do was explain my self  and that didn't happen.Even if it was a bet I really did love Emily with every thing I had but she wouldn't believe that now.Shaking my head knowing no matter what Emily won't forgive me for it,I wouldn't forgive any one either.Grabbing my keys and phone I had went to the pub with some friends and talked to one of my ex girlfriends.One thing led to another and she came to my flat.

(Emily's P.O.V)

I felt guilty about being a bit rude to Harry and felt I should forgive him for every thing so we can move on and talk to each other again.Getting dressed I went over to his flat even if it was midnight I knew he would still be up.When I drove to his flat I took a deep breathe before knocking on his door.A few minutes later I came face to face with the beautiful green eyed boy. "I'm sorry I came over so late."I said "It's fine."he said I noticed his hair was a bit messed up maybe he was sleeping. "I thought I should tell you I forgive and I want an explaination to every thing.And maybe we can try again."I said smiling.Just as he was about to say something a girl showed up behind him "Who's she babe?"she asked. "Liam's cousin Emily."he answered.She nodded and walked away some where in his flat. "I should probably go home."I said looking at my feet.How stupid could I have honestly been if  I was just a bet he wouldn't have feelings for me at all. "Emily."he said reaching for my head but I shook my head and walked to my car.When I got home I was still in my car when I broke down crying.Things where just crashing down all around me first I didn't get into the college I wanted to,Harry just used me for a bet,Carly turned against me,Niall lied and broke my heart.Maybe I'm no good with love at all which was terrible.When I dried my tears all up I went inside and to my bedroom where I fell asleep.

"Emily wake up."Liam said shaking me awake. I opened my eyes to see a envelope in my face. "What's this?"I asked. "Open it."he demanded.I did what he said and read through the letter.My hands flew to my mouth,I had just got accepted to the best school in the States.It was for performing arts.A huge smile came to my face and I hugged Liam. "Who needs that school here when you got excepted to the best school in the States."Liam joked.Once I took a shower and got ready for the day I walked out into the livingroom only to be attacked with a hug from Louis. "My little girl is growing up."he fake cried. "Louis Stop being weird."I said pushing him off me. "Sorry Em,I'm just so excited for you I mean the best school in the States for performing arts.Are you going to miss me?"he asked. I nodded "Of course Louis I'll miss your random childish self."I said. Zayn walked into the room and smiled "I'm proud of you Emily."he said. Today was turning out good.When I called the school they where so happy to hear from me and glad I was coming there.There was a knock at the door and I seen it was Lisa.I hugged my best friend and she laughed. "I missed you."I told her. "I missed you to Em."she said walking into the flat. "Why is every one so happy?"she asked. I smiled and handed her my letter.When she got done reading it she screamed and hugged me tight almost knocking me backwards. "This is so amazing."Lisa smiled. "I know but I'm going to miss every one."I told her. "We are all going to miss you to."she reasured me.Since I haven't seen my best friend in a year we spent the whole weekend catching up.This weekend was deffinitly amazing and getting better.

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