Falling For You

When Ava and her friend Izzy go to a concert, Ava forgets her phone at her seat and is greeted by Harry Styles. Harry is suddenly in love with Ava, a girl he had only met for 5 minutes. Ava can't stop thinking about Harry and wants to see him again so badly that it hurts.

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4. Viral

*Beep Beep Beep*


I yawned looking at my clock. Ugh. School. I rolled out of my bed and dragged myself to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. Ew. I hopped into the shower for a rinse, singing along to the tunes that my radio hummed. When I got out, I checked the time on my phone to find at least 20 new texts.

Izzy: look on fb and twitter 

Izzy: todays gonna b fun!

Izzy: holy sh*t


The pictures were all over the place weren't they? I scrolled thru more texts. I had a few from Harry.


Harry: hey babe x

Harry: can i see you today?

Harry: we're all over the papers!


I texted Harry back.


Me: haz, I have school today. sorry if I woke u.

Harry: u didnt wake me. u do? could I drop u off or pick u up?

Me: if u want to! 

Harry: ok. whats the name of the school? i'll pick u up.

Me: Boulder High School

Harry: see u there, at?

Me: 3

Harry: ok. have a good day love

Me: u too


I got my backpack and walked downstairs . My older brother sat on the couch eating his breakfast and watching TV. I got some eggs and bacon and sat down next to him. We had about 30 minutes until school. I looked down at my plate taking a bite of the bacon.


"News on Harry Styles from the band One Direction and mystery girl."


I looked at the TV to see pictures of Harry and me. My brother Ben looked at me with his mouth open. It had been two days since those pictures were taken, I wonder why they popped up now.


The woman on the TV kept on talking.

"After a night out at Taco Bell, Harry and the boys were seen with two girls. We asked Harry who they were. Look at this clip for his response."

They played the clip.

"Who are the girls in the group picture? Are they fans." They asked him.

"Yes and No." Harry told them.

"Who is the girl with the blonde hair?" 

"My friend Izzy."

"And the one you took an individual picture?"

"That's Ava. My girlfriend."


Ben shot a look at me. I grinned, getting up and walking out the door towards school. Now everyone must have known that I was dating Harry. Would that change everything? I'd find out soon. Even if it did, it was Senior year and everything was great so far. I met up with Izzy since she lived only two houses down.

I asked her if I could see her phone since my Twitter wasn't working. I looked through my mentions. I was getting some hate, but I didn't think they actually meant it. I wasn't sure. Harry was always so popular with the girls so I understood that I would get lots of it. I looked on Harry's Twitter. Nothing new. Izzy looked over my shoulder at her phone.

"Aww." She sighed.


"His profile picture!"

I looked closely to see that it was a picture of the two of us. I blushed. 


The hallways were full of people. The bell rang as soon as I got to my locker. Izzy and I had homeroom together so we raced to class. Luckily we were on time, and we snagged two seats together. A group of popular girls sat around us, the bell rang once more and Ms. Mai began talking. She passed out papers and told us to work in groups of 6. The girls who sat near Izzy and I turned around to join us.


"Hi. I'm Skyler." One of the girls said.


Izzy and I knew who she was; the most popular girl in school. 


"I'm Ava."

"And I'm Izzy."


Skyler eyed us.


"Is it true that your dating Harry Styles?" Skyler asked me.

"Yes." I said blushing.


One of the girls in the group piped up, "We want the deats!!!"

Skyler told her to shut up and looked back at me, as if telling me to begin the story.

I told them everything, they all listened quietly, sighing at romantic things Harry said or did. My phone buzzed. "Is it him?!" They asked craving more.

It turned out to be him. I nodded, telling them it was. They all circled around me reading the texts that we sent to each other. To tell the truth, I didn't like the attention. I asked Harry to pick me up, he said he'd be there in 15 minutes. 




I climbed into his car. "How was your day?" Harry asked me giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I just smiled. Harry frowned, he knew something was up. "Really."


Harry looked back at the road. "Did they give you shit?"


"Then why was it bad?"

I turned slightly to face him. "Now all of a sudden people pay attention to me. Not in the way I've wanted. I don't know. It's weird. You'd think I would love having the attention from the popular kids, but its only because of you. Of your name."

Harry was searching for words.

"It's not your fault," I blurted, "I don't want you to think that it is. It's just popularity. High school. Whatever. I have one more month of school. It'll be great."

I reached for Harry's hand. He took it instantly, bending over to kiss me firmly on the lips.

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