Falling For You

When Ava and her friend Izzy go to a concert, Ava forgets her phone at her seat and is greeted by Harry Styles. Harry is suddenly in love with Ava, a girl he had only met for 5 minutes. Ava can't stop thinking about Harry and wants to see him again so badly that it hurts.

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2. This Can't Be Real

I stared at the screen of my phone. This can't be real. At all. 

I replayed what had happened from last night until now. He had my phone! That's how he found out who I am. This is too good to be true. I started playing with my iPhone case until it fell off. A little piece of paper flew out of it. I looked under my bed trying to find it. I finally saw it and picked it up.


 'I hope I'm not coming on too strong, but I would love to meet you. If you would like to meet me as well. Come to the theatre again tonight at 8 sharp. I'll be there since we're staying in Denver for a few more weeks. xx- Harry Styles'

I smiled as I finished reading. I was going to go. I was going to meet Harry again and maybe-- well I don't want to get my hopes up. 




The day went by quickly. I gained another 200 followers on Twitter and 130 on Instagram. One mention gained a lot of power towards me. It was 7:45 and I was ready to go. I walked out the door and hopped into my car and drove off. This might be a mistake, but I had the chance to do this now and I didn't want to blow it by not showing up. 

I pulled into the parking lot and reread the note, just to make sure I was daydreaming this whole time. I walked up the front stairs and opened one of the huge glass doors. I walked down the hallway once more until I reached the theatre. All of the seats were empty and no one was there. Not even Harry. I looked around nervously thinking it was just a set up.

There was a microphone laying on the stage. I walked up and led the mic to my mouth. I was really tempted to sing, so I let a few notes escape me. Surprisingly, the microphone was on. I sang 'Moments' from the concert last night. I messed up on the words a few times, but I loved it. I had always dreamed of singing on a stage in front of thousands of people. We all dream for fame. 


I wrapped up the last few sentences and put the microphone down. A clap echoed in the theatre. I blushed, not knowing who was watching me. A thick british accent filled my ears.

"That was amazing."

I turned around to see Harry. "I didn't know that you were here." I said shyly.

"Don't be shy, your amazing!" 

I looked down at my feet silently. 

"I guess you got my note." Harry started.

"Yeah. It was pretty sneaky."

He laughed. "Will you come out to dinner with me tonight?"

"Of course I will." I told him.


We both looked away. Harry took my hand and led me backstage. He got his coat, phone and wallet and we set out. 

He drove his rental car to a local Taco Bell. I laughed as we pulled in.

"What?" He asked me.

"Taco Bell?"

"Is that too cheezy?"

I told him to park the car. He did as I told him and I walked him over to a nicer restaurant. 

"Wow" He said, "Trying to waste all my money?"

"Trying not to get food poisoning."

Harry laughed loudly as we walked into the restaurant.

Our waitress recognized Harry and was extremely nice to us. A few girls that were with their parents asked him for a picture. They eyed me suspiciously and pulled out their phones. Harry and I ate and then decided to leave. We walked out of the restaurant and out onto the streets.

I pretended to be an interviewer and he answered every question truthfully. He asked me a few questions in return. Even in the dark, I could see Harry's bright smile.

"So Ava, when was your first kiss?"

"When I was twelve."

"Who was the boy?" He asked me.

"It was a girl!" I said jokingly, "When was your first kiss."

"Eleven." He said walking closer to me.

I giggled, "Tonight?"

Harry didn't respond. Instead he pressed his warm lips up against mine. My eyes were wide open, but I slowly closed them and gave into the kiss. Harry slowly pealed away, smiling. He took my hand and we walked in silence back to the car. 


When we got to my house, we said goodnight and I gave him my phone number. I walked inside and ran up to my room. I fell onto my bed with a wide smile. 



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