Falling For You

When Ava and her friend Izzy go to a concert, Ava forgets her phone at her seat and is greeted by Harry Styles. Harry is suddenly in love with Ava, a girl he had only met for 5 minutes. Ava can't stop thinking about Harry and wants to see him again so badly that it hurts.

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3. Head First


Izzy's dad answered the door and let me go up to her room. When I got upstairs, her dog jumped up onto me giving me puppy kisses. I opened the door to her room to find her lying in bed. I crawled in next to her and waited for her to say something. We both looked up at the ceiling quietly.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Izzy started.

“I didn’t want you to make a huge deal out of it.”

She turned onto her side, “Well, that’s actually smart.”

I laughed turning to face her, “Are you still mad?”

“No. I never was.”


“I was never mad!”

I rolled my eyes, “Your such a drama queen!”

Izzy laughed and got out of bed. We were both still in our pajamas, good thing we were neighbors and could go over to each others houses whenever we wanted to.

We walked downstairs into the kitchen to make pancakes. We spent the whole day in our pajamas talking and laughing. It had been a while since we had done this. She asked me about Harry and I answered the best I could. I told her about the kiss. She sat in her bed crying, literally. I asked her what was wrong, but she said that she was just happy for me.




It was about 11pm and we were getting hungry again. She didn’t have any dinner food, so we decided to drive down to Taco Bell. Honestly, I didn’t want to go, but Izzy thought it was a good idea since I didn’t go the night before.

We drove along the road where Harry and I kissed. I replayed it in my mind, and felt a sudden dip of sadness. He hadn’t texted or called… Did he not like the kiss? Shit.


Izzy parked the car and we walked towards Taco Bell. Three men with cameras stood outside taking pictures. As Izzy and I walked in, they pushed us around telling us to get out of the way.

“Jerks!” Izzy yelled as we got into Taco Bell.

I laughed, “Go Izzy!”

“Haha. What were they all about?” She asked me.

“Who knows.”

We walked up to take our orders. As Izzy ordered, my eyes wandered the restaurant. I saw a boy with curly hair sitting with five others. I automatically thought of Harry. Maybe I was going crazy. Izzy had followed my stare and stood there wide-eyed.


“What?” I asked.

“Its One Direction.”

“Everyone’s One Direction!” As soon as I said that, a blonde boy stood up.

“Oh my god. Ava, its Niall Horan!”

He looked at us staring and waved.

“He’s probably getting more food.” Izzy whispered in my ear. I giggled.


The guy at the counter told us that our food was ready. Izzy grabbed it all before I could even set a finger on it. She walked straight up to the boys.


“Hi?” He said confused.


I walked up to Izzy and whispered, “Stop it’s not him. Come on lets go.”

“Uhh. Yeah it is.” She said aloud.

I looked at the boys. Oh. It was… Niall came back and sat down.


“Ava?” Harry asked surprised.

“Hi.” I said quietly. Harry and Louis scooted over and made room for me. Niall, Liam, and Zayn did the same for Izzy. The boys looked a bit confused.

“Boys, this is Ava and her best friend Izzy.”

The boys nodded in understanding.

“We’ve heard a lot about you.” Zayn said.

I blushed, “Hopefully good things.”

Everyone chuckled. “Only good things.” Liam said.


I looked at Izzy who was sitting next to him. She was smiling at me in approval. I caught Harry looking at me.

‘I’m sorry.’ He mouthed.

‘It’s ok.’ I mouthed back.

I felt Harry’s hand wrap around mine underneath the table. His thumb rubbed up against my palm. He pulled me in closer. I rested my head on his shoulder.


I lifted my head and whispered into his ear, “Wait. They’re taking pictures.”


“Well, this is going to be everywhere.” 

“But I like you.” He cooed, tucking my light brown hair behind my ear. I smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. Harry smiled and kissed my forehead. Izzy kicked my leg, so I kicked back, accidently kicking Liam.


“Ow! What was that for?” He said laughing.

“Sorry Liam! I meant to kick Izzy.”

They both laughed, and everyone started playing footsie. Izzy and I slowly finished eating after all of the distractions. Everyone got tired of sitting, so we decided to go outside. The cameramen took a few photos of us all outside, and then began to walk away. Harry yelled after them, “Hey wait!”

They turned around.

“Could you please take a picture of my girlfriend and I?”

I hit Harry’s arm playfully.

“What?” He asked me “Too soon?”

“Not at all.” I said, kissing his cheek.


The cameramen got thousands of pictures of us. Izzy and the boys slowly came in joining us. After they left, Harry and I began to separate from the others. Harry grabbed my hand and swung his arm around.

“Funny seeing you here.” I said.

“I really am sorry Ava. We had a signing today.”

“Its ok Harry! I just met you. I didn’t even think we’d see each other again. I get it.”

“No you don’t. I hate it.”

“What? All the attention? The fans? The concerts? How could you hate that?”

“I could never hate that. I hate not having the time to be with a girl or my other friends.”


I needed answers, so I kept the conversation going.


“Why waste it on me?” I asked him.

He looked away, “The truth?”

I nodded.

Harry looked at me, “Because I actually like you. If I didn’t like you I wouldn’t be saying this, I wouldn’t have told everyone that you’re my girlfriend.”


“I’m sorry.” I told him, “I just needed to know.”

Harry wrapped his arms around me for a hug. This was the first time I’d ever actually felt like someone really liked me. I had missed it, but I found it again.


Was it too soon to be falling head first for Harry?

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